Isaias Afewerk: a Genocidal Hitler Reincarnate!


By Tewelde Gebremariam

The Eritrean people’s flight to ethiopia in droves highlight in a concrete manner the stark reality that indeed Eritrean people have been locked up in their own country for twenty five years, exposing the impostor isaias afewerk’s agenda of Genocide of the people of Eritrea. His tegaru cabals—– hagos kisha, araia desta yemane gebremeskel, yemane monkey( born of tigraweity mother and amharai father), ashmelash abraha, abraha kasa etc.all of whom he placed at highest mantle of the so called “Eritrean Government” and who have been overtly covering up his heinous crime locally and internationally but covertly carrying out diligently his blue print of Genocide 

I know many Eritreans are now aware the tactics these evils employ to deceive Eritreans into becoming their accomplices, of which the following can be mentioned:

  1. They falsely and outwardly portray themselves as Eritrean patriots. Remember the impostor isaias afewerk’s speech at one of the ceremony of Eritrean independence— Eritrea will be a country whom no other country, strong or weak, dare touch… Now, we know the depth of the abyss into which they have plunged our country, people and military.
  2. They push the fear button to scare people into their fold. the so called “woyane invasion of 1998 ” had been long planned. Badme was secretly handed to woyane in 1985 to serve them as a pretext to ignite a war at their convenience in the future. To make sure the war would be successful, among many others, they disbanded all of the experienced members of EPLF’s intelligence service that had rendered the dergi military communications absolute shambles. Instead they created a new one under one of them, Abraha kasa, who, at the Third woyane offensive, purposely opened gate for woyane soldiers to penetrated deep into Eritrean and attacked Eritrean Defence Forces from their rearguard with devastating consequence on our military, our people and properties.

The Eritrean Ethiopian Claim Commission exposed the impostor isaias afewerk to have ignited the war. He signed the verdict and accepted the penalty but todate, the impostor has not come clean with the Eritrean people. But again, as we say—Kem Felitu Zetsqete Tsemam Yelen—-. The impostor had known the verdict before it was in print because he purposely had laid the ground for it and purposely ignited it. The war for him was a means to achieve his ulterior and hidden motive, which was/is to wipe out Eritrea and its people.

Normally, when a country is invaded, before it launches a counter offensive, it is obligated under international law to inform the UNSC. No only the impostor did not honour the international law but also, at the sometime, he left the country to visit Saudi Arabia. This is crystal clear that the war he ignited was premeditated and therefore, he had no interest of stopping it.

  1. they wage war constantly. Their goal is to isolate the country, inflict relentless destruction on the people and country and conceal their crimes. Their refusal to grant visa to the human Right Inquiring Commission and the Somalia and Eritrea monitoring group was precisely to hide their criminal enterprises.

Remember when, soon after Eritrea became independent, the impostor stood up in front of the African leaders in Cairo, and insulted them as failed leaders, he was building a wall to isolate Eritrea so he could destroy it and hide his crimes.

  1. His Independent Foreign Policy was predicated upon the same goal.
  2. They closed Asmara University and built shanty colleges in the rural areas that are under constant military watchdogs. The reason they closed Asmara University was to avoid student uprising against their criminal activities which the foreign embassies can catch and disseminate around the world.
  3. They decided agricultural self sufficiency to be number one priority in the country. Twenty five years, the agricultural production is worse than was in 1991. The reason they made agriculture and not mixed economy a number one priority in the country was in order to prevent foreign and local investments that not only could grow local labour forces but also unravel their criminal activities.
    They also try to portray themselves as champions of the peasantry. twenty five years ago, they said development must proceed from rural areas to urban areas. But we know throughout the twenty fives, by calling the farmer for military duty precisely at a time of ploughing and sowing seeds , or at a time of harvest, not only they impoverished them as never before but also forced them to cross border into Ethiopia in search of food.
  4. They drove away NGO from the country under false pretext that they create lazy and dependent population. But the real purpose is again not only to starve the poor people force them to leave their country but to conceal their criminal enterprises.
  5. They targeted mineral resources of the country because the foreign investors hand them in cash which they stash in their hidden private foreign account.

Source: Mdrebahri’s readers comments