Issayas Afeworki & Abiy Ahmed: Are they meeting in Asmara to finalise their conspiracy against Eritrea and the TPLF?


The Victory of the Tigrian People in the Struggle against the chauvinist and Expansionist Forces within Ethiopia is the Victory of the Eritrean people and Vis-Versa! 

The opportunist Ethiopian PM, Abiy Ahmed, accompanied by his defence minister, Lemma Megersa, arrived in Asmara today to meet the fascist Eritrean dictator, Issayas Afeworki.

Mdrebahri believes that the duo are expected to finalise their conspiracy against the TPLF/Tigrai and their plan to destroy Eritrea as an independent political entity and subordinate it to Ethiopia politically, economically and culturally.

For their part, the TPLF and the Tigrian people are fully mobilised and prepared at all levels to foil the conspiracy being hatched against them in Asmara.

It is therefore very important that Eritreans are fully aware that, at this turning point in our history, because of the radical change that has taken place in the balance of forces in the Horn of Africa in recent years, the victory of Tigrai is, literally, the victory of the Eritrean people and their defeat is also our defeat. 

I am therefore of the strong opinion that an Eritrean who does not understand this historical reality and the necessity to cooperate and work closely with the Tigrian people should retire from politics. After all, in politics, there are no permanent enemies or friends.

Fascism will be defeated in Eritrea!

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis