Julian Assange Still remains Hostage to the British Police in London

Back in September 2012, I wrote a brief article to salute the Government of Ecuador and express my admiration and appreciation for their granting of political asylum to the Australian-born internationalist and courageous WikiLeaks founder and champion of free speech, Julian Assange. It is now almost three years since Mr.Assange took refuge at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, and he still remains there as a virtual hostage surrounded by the British police. According to the estimates of the” Evening Standard” (February 18, 2013), in the last eight months alone the British government has already wasted £3million of taxpayers’ money to guard the Ecuadorian Embassy. This huge amount of money is being uselessly spent at a time when the conservative led British government is making massive welfare cuts from the poor in order to transfer it to the very rich.

Some people might ask why this is happening. Mr. Julian Assange has taken refuge at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London because he wants to circumvent his extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted for alleged sexual offences. Mr. Assange rightly fears that if the request for his extradition to Sweden were successful, he would be sent to the United States to face accusations of treason by that country’s authorities. Mr. Assange would not get any justice in a country which has not yet abolished the abominable death penalty. Indeed, if he were to be extradited to the US, this is the sentence he could face.

As has been pointed out already, Julian Assange is wanted in Sweden for alleged sexual offences. To me, however, the spurious rape allegations against him could not withstand the scrutiny of an independent court free from political motivations. For how on earth could a highly intelligent and progressive individual engaged in the struggle for fundamental human rights and who wants to change the world, could be a rapist?

In my opinion, considering the people involved with the rape issue, and considering the fact that the allegations are coming from a country where sex is as easily available as potable water, the rape charges against Julian Assange do not make sense at all, to say the least. Besides, in an interview with a Swedish journalist, Julian Assange stated very strongly that he “[n]ever, either in Sweden or in any other country, had sex with someone that they haven’t consented to”.

So as far as this writer is concerned, Mr. Assange is being persecuted by powerful political forces in the United States and in the UK for having published classified documents related to the criminal imperialist wars the US Government and its allies waged in Iraq and Afghanistan, and other related controversial matters. It is thus just and in the interest of humanity to protect such a courageous individual, who is being persecuted because of his love for humanity, standing up for the truth, and for his active opposition to imperialist-instigated criminal wars. I think it is high time now that the British public should come out in open support of Julian Assange and demand that their government remove the British police surrounding the Ecuadorian Embassy along with providing Julian Assange a safe passage to Ecuador, where he expects to be able to start a new life without fear. For in my opinion, it is the fundamental right of every human being to live in peace and without fear in the country of his/her choice.

Stop psychological torture against Julian Assange!!

Long Live International Solidarity!!

Drs. TsegezabGebregergis, London, June 30, 2015