Know the Plans of Your Strategic Enemy!

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis,


There is a lot of talk recently among the Eritrean Diaspora community as to what the real plans of the TPLF government of Ethiopia are towards sovereign Eritrea. As far as I am concerned, since the TPLF-government of Ethiopia officially declared war on Eritrea and its people in June 1998, nothing has changed as far as its political objectives towards Eritrea are concerned. In other words, the political objectives of the TPLF government are firstly to isolate and sabotage Eritrea and kill the unity of its people. And at the second stage, if the Woyane ruler of Ethiopia believes that they have the military and financial capacity; it is to initiate war of destruction against sovereign Eritrea.

It is therefore of utmost importance that all Eritreans must clearly understand that the political objectives of the TPLF-led government of Ethiopia in the last few years has been geared to isolate and weaken Eritrean nationalist and civic organizations and their leaders, especially so the Eritrean People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) and its leadership. In so doing, the TPLF strategists and their Eritrean collaborators believe that the isolation and weakening of Eritrean nationalist and other civic organizations is ultimately expected to kill Eritrean nationalism once and for all, after which they will infect our nation with ethnic and religious organizations that are diametrically opposed to Eritrean nationalism. In short, what the TPLF leaders and their Eritrean puppets are trying to achieve in vain is to deny Eritrea and its people solid Eritrean nationalist organizations led by Eritrean personalities operating under the motto of ‘Eritrea for Eritreans and by Eritreans’.

Once the above stated political objectives have been accomplished, the final aim of the TPLF leaders is to invade Eritrea to achieve the following three military and political goals: The first is the destruction of the Eritrean armed forces, the second the destruction of the PFDJ-led Eritrean government and the third is the replacement of the PFDJ regime by an unstable, ethnic-based puppet government, which will herald war against all, i.e. a situation which is expected to give the TPLF leaders a political pretext to annex Eritrea. The TPLF government of Ethiopia is now looking forward to using as dogs of war the Eritrean stooges who have agreed to participate directly in the coming Ethiopian invasion of sovereign Eritrea. These well-known TPLF lapdogs are Ibrahim Haroun, Tewolde Gebreselassie, Ahmed Nasser, Beshir Issack, Abdella Mahmoud, Kernelious Osman and Hussein Kalifa. It is thus very clear that these groups representing sub-nationalism (i.e. ethnic, religious and regionalist groups) are a grave threat to Eritrea’s integrity and national security. It is also very clear that endangering Eritrean unity and sovereignty – and the inevitable loss of Eritrean life – is of no concern to these scoundrels, provided they achieve their narrow and selfish political goals. It is interesting to note here in passing that Ahmed Nasser is operating today under a false organizational name, the “National Salvation Front” (NSF). This name has been deliberately adopted in the vain hope of misleading and confusing the Eritrean public. For, unlike the name he has adopted, the front and its henchmen are actively engaged in endangering the unity of Eritrea and its people, and are fully collaborating with the forces of division and destruction.

In a nutshell, what I have stated above is that preparations are underway for the realization of the political and military objectives of the TPLF government of Ethiopia. The question is thus: what should be then the duty of Eritrean nationalists at a time when our motherland is being threatened by its historical enemy and its Eritrean collaborators?

Eritrean Nationalists must be prepared for all Eventualities

The primary political objectives of all Eritrean democrats, nationalists and other patriots is to struggle in unison to create a democratic and united Eritrea in which we can all live in unity in diversity and enjoy the freedoms of justice, equality and dignity, without fear. However, if war is to be imposed on Eritrea and its people, which aims to undermine the unity of the Eritrean people and the independence and sovereignty of Eritrea while Eritrean democratic and nationalist forces are engaged in a noble struggle to unseat the dictatorial PFDJ regime and build an alternative democratic order in society, Eritrean nationalists and patriots must without any hesitation stand with the Eritrean armed forces and defend the sovereignty and honor of the motherland – at any cost.

In other words, it will be the holy and bounden duty of all Eritrean democrats and nationalists to fight ferociously and smash the evil plan mapped out by the TPLF leaders and its Eritrean collaborators. There is no doubt that history and the Eritrean people will judge harshly the TPLF and its Eritrean puppets.