Let Issayas Afeworki’s habit of lying and saying one thing in summer and another one in winter be exposed!


Drs Tsegezab Gebregergis

Recently, while visiting Ethiopia at the invitation of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, Issayas Afeworki made the following ridiculous statement to his Ethiopian audience:

“We thought, when looking at Ethiopians from a distance, that we were very different from them. However, when we look at Ethiopians from close range, we are actually one and the same people and that one who does not understand this truth is a naive person.”

Yet this is the same Issayas Afeworki who led the bloody 30-year struggle against Ethiopian rule in Eritrea by telling the Eritrean people that, seen in historical, cultural and linguistic terms, the Eritrean people are very different from the Ethiopian people and the Amhara rulers of Ethiopia are the enemies of Eritrea and its people.

At one point, he even said: “Let alone to live together with the Amhara, we cannot even beg together with them.”

The Eritrean fuehrer is now telling the Eritrean people that the Amhara are very closely related to the Eritreans and their relationship with Eritrea is cemented by history and common borders.

It is interesting to note here that, if you look at the map, there are no common borders between Eritrea and the Amhara region of Ethiopia and, if there ever existed a relationship between the Amhara and the Eritreans, it was a relationship between oppressors and oppressed. In other words, the Amhara and their rulers have never been friends and allies of Eritrea and its people as the Eritrean dictator wants us to believe.

Recent history testifies that the Eritrean people have actually endured untold suffering at the hands of the Amhara rulers and their intellectual supporters, who have clearly stated that they need only the Eritrean ports and not the Eritrean people.

Thus, let it be known that Eritrea today is under the rule of a crazy and confused dictator who must be removed from power without delay if Eritrea and its people are to regain their national sovereignty, dignity and inalienable human rights.