Let the Political Bankruptcy & Dishonesty of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Be Exposed!


Flashback, July 17, 2018

The above picture shows Abiy Ahmed fraternising with, and shaking the blood-soaked hands of the Eritrean fascist dictator. Oh yes, what Ethiopians and their government acutely need is the Eritrean ports and not its people! 

By Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis

Since Abiy Ahmed became Prime Minister of Ethiopia, I have been writing editorials and other articles in praise and full support of his government. I even wrote an editorial under the title “Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed is Man of the Year for 2018”. In it, I named Dr. Ahmed Mdrebahri’s Man of the Year for 2018 for having made a significant contribution to the betterment of Ethiopia and to peace and stability in the Horn of Africa and for courageously bringing about a radical political, social and economic transformation of Ethiopia, one that will resonate throughout the entire continent of Africa. I concluded the article with the slogan “Long live the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, and God bless him”!

Indeed, the majority of Eritreans genuinely and wholeheartedly welcomed Abiy Ahmed as the new Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

Unfortunately and regrettably, I now observe that Dr Ahmed is lecturing about respect for human rights, love, Ethiopianism, and democracy in Ethiopia while at the same time crudely ignoring, in all the discussions he was having with the Eritrean fascist dictator, the demands of the oppressed Eritrean people for justice and democracy in Eritrea and the immediate release of the thousands political prisoners suffering in the dungeons of the PFDJ.

Consequently, as far as I am concerned, Dr. Ahmed’s guarded silence while the Eritrean people suffer immensely at the hands of the tyrant dictator with whom he is openly fraternising, dining and wining, is nothing other than glaring cynicism, insensitivity, and political and intellectual dishonesty – cynical dishonesty that will have grave consequences for the relationship between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Let Dr. Ahmed be informed that the Eritrean people want solid peace with national honour and a mutually beneficial relationship with Ethiopia, but they are not prepared in any way to allow the political subordination of Eritrea to Ethiopia through various tricks and pretexts.

Let the Ethiopian Prime Minister and his associates also know that any agreement between PFDJ Eritrea and Ethiopia, without the direct involvement of a sovereign Eritrean parliament that has the full mandate of the Eritrean people and a democratic Eritrean government directly elected by the Eritrean people, will be null and void.

There must first be peace, democracy, justice, a free press, and an elected government in Eritrea before there can be any kind of talks about peace and the creation of a good neighbourly relationship between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Once these goals are met, the future relationship between Eritrea and Ethiopia will be bright.

In the meantime, the Ethiopian government must fully respect Eritrea’s sovereignty and its international borders.