Let us applaud the AU Decision to suspend Sudan’s Membership from the African Union!



Drs Tsegezab Gebregergis

The African Union issued a statement yesterday, Thursday June 6, suspending Sudan from all AU activities as a result of the deadly military crackdown on protesters that left 108 dead this week.

Although belatedly done, the decision of the AU to denounce the brutal crackdown of the military junta and suspend Sudan’s membership in reaction to this week’s massacre of innocents by the military is the right decision. As such, it must be supported by all those who uphold the rule of law, the principles and procedures of democracy and the inalienable right of the oppressed people to rebel against their oppressors and change their government to serve their own interests.

However, Eritrea’s dictatorial, murderer and oppressive PFDJ regime has mockingly condemned and attacked the AU for denouncing the cold-blooded killing of peaceful civilians and for suspending Sudan’s membership.

Consequently, Mdrebahri calls on all Eritreans to condemn the deplorable and inexplicable stance of the fascist PFDJ dictatorial regime – a stand which clearly favours the military dictators in Sudan and sets Eritrea against the leaders of Sudan’s continuing popular uprising.

Once again, in so doing, the dictatorial anti-people regime in Eritrea has revealed the truth of the saying “Birds of the same feather fly together”.

Mdrebahri fully and firmly support the popular uprising and waveringly stands with the people of Sudan!

Victory to the People of Sudan!