Let us launch a People’s Uprising and Prove the Might of the Oppressed is much stronger than the Corrupt PFDJ Clique in Power!!

 Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis, London, November 2, 2015


A large crowd heading to storm the Tsarist winter palace in the 1905 victorious people’s uprising in Russia. Eritreans can do it too!

The Heartless Eritrean Dictator Must Go Now!

One of the rationales for the historic establishment of the Eritrean state is to provide basic services to the Eritrean people, to improve their life conditions, and secure the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Eritrea and the safety of its people. However, in all these pivotal societal matters, the heartless PFDJ dictator and his clique have miserably failed to fulfil their promises and obligations to the Eritrean people.

The fact of the matter is that since Eritrea came under PFDJ one-party rule even the physical size of Eritrea has been significantly reduced. What’s more, all the economic and social indicators unmistakably show that Eritrea and its people have been systematically impoverished under the rule of the PFDJ despot; even the unity of the people is in great jeopardy. In short, in Eritrea under PFDJ rule, the strategic depopulation of Eritrea’s youth is taking place in an unmitigated manner, and the country is being destroyed piece by piece economically, politically and socially.

All the above mentioned factors, which are the clear manifestations of the slow death of a country, are taking place despite the fact that the country has discovered massive high quality gold reserves, phosphates, nickel and other strategic and non-strategic underground minerals that have high demand in the industrial capitalist world. In other words, despite the discovery of extensive fields of precious minerals, wide-ranging deposits of raw materials for cement manufacture, and other profitable industrial minerals like potash, the Eritrean people are leading destitute lives – worse even than the lives they experienced in the pre-independence period. This is precisely because without first putting in place good governance, a democratic and accountable system of government and a free press, the mere discovery of new wealth in the form of gold and other hard currency-earning strategic and non-strategic minerals and the setting-up here and there of extraction industries has no practical social use for Eritrea and its people, save prolonging the life cycle of its dictatorship.

Indeed, as experience has shown, without good governance, democracy and accountability, the discovery of gold and other precious minerals is a curse rather than a blessing. It is a curse because in the absence of democratic institutions the new wealth promotes rampant corruption and corrupt practices, and the proliferation and multiplication of the network of a large army of unproductive spies and informers engaged in spying on their own people.

To be sure, while the Eritrean people are suffering in their millions from the total absence of the basic needs of life, such as bread and butter, cooking oil, salt, electricity and potable water, the PFDJ leaders and their cohorts are dining with their families at the most expensive restaurants and consuming the most expensive wines and other imported beverages, and own the most luxurious and expensive houses and imported cars.

Consequently, the ongoing scandal, the great moral shame, and the abuse of the Eritrean people are no longer acceptable. For the Eritrean people have nothing left today but their skin. There is thus an urgent need today to trigger a people’s uprising [Intifada] in Eritrea and prove once again to ourselves, and to the world at large, that the power of the oppressed Eritrean people is much stronger than that of the corrupt PFDJ clique.

Enough is enough. The despotic ruler and his entire clique must go now!