Let us save our Country in unison from the mortal Dangers Facing it!


By Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis

Today our country is passing through the most sensitive and difficult period in its history since it gained its political independence from Ethiopia in May 1991. However, unlike in the past, today the threat to the sovereignty and political independence of Eritrea and the unity of its people is not coming directly from Ethiopia as such. The mortal threat to Eritrea’s sovereign existence is rather caused by the traitorous Issayas Afeworki-led internal collaborationist and reactionary forces in league with the expansionist Ethiopian forces led by Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

The present existential threat/danger to Eritrea and its people has been brought about by Issayas Afeworki and his group have been relentlessly and deliberately implementing in the last two decades antagonistic, war-mongering and isolationist foreign and domestic policies with the express aim of weakening and isolating Eritrea and its people politically, economically and militarily.

The purpose of this scheme is to create poverty and fear within Eritrea, which will force the highly skilled and educated members of Eritrean society, and the youth in particular, to flee the country in their thousands and undertake perilous journeys to distant countries as is happening at present.

It is therefore not very difficult to see how the current political situation in Eritrea has come about and how it is rapidly deteriorating to epic proportions.

Since its inception in May 2015, Mdrebahri has been very much concerned about the dangers in store for Eritrea, instigated by the gangster-led PFDJ government.
Indeed, since mid-2016, Mdrebahri has been busy educating and informing Eritreans of all walks of life about the predicament faced by our people. It has also been engaged in mobilising young Eritreans everywhere to prepare themselves for all eventualities in defence of our homeland and its proud and peace-loving people.

Mdrebahri has indeed made it abundantly clear in its editorials that the leadership of the EPLF/PFDJ are one and the same criminal group which have been operating as a mafia-like organisation against both the immediate and long-term political and economic interests of Eritrea and its people and therefore also against those peace-loving people neighbouring Eritrea. To put it differently, Mdrebahri has given a timely warning about the political and societal crisis bewildering our country today.

Mdrebahri and its editor have boldly declared early enough that the EPLF/PFDJ is hell-bent on destroying the social fabric of Eritrean society and we have to be prepared to defend the immediate and long-term political and economic interests of our motherland, Eritrea.

The call which Mdrebahri and its editor has been making, then and now, is thus a call for action rather than mere propaganda. Right from its inception, Mdrebahri has never considered the EPLF/PFDJ as a legitimate government in Eritrea. This is why Mdrebahri has been calling for the establishment of a democratically elected Eritrean government which truly and genuinely express the immediate and long-term national interest of Eritrea and its oppressed people.

Interestingly, at long last, it has now become crystal clear to both opponents and supporters of the fascist EPLF/PFDJ government of Eritrea that the Issayas Afeworki-led regime is a mortal enemy of Eritrea and its people, bent on destroying, step by step, the wonderful achievements that the gallant and oppressed Eritrean people have attained in the last 50 years through their own hard toil.

Fellow Eritreans, Mdrebahri would like to make it abundantly clear to all concerned Eritreans, while time is still on our side, that until and unless we leave behind our phony differences and are prepared to struggle in unison to solve the monumental problems and dangers that our people are facing today, neither history nor the Eritrean people will ever forgive us.

Mdrebahri strongly believes that there should not be any differences among Eritrean patriots and democrats in the struggle for the salvation of our country and its people.

Finally, Mdrebahri would like to assure everyone that if we stand together, we could and will save our country and its people from the evil design of our internal and external enemies.

So let us unite and take active part in the struggle for the salvation of Eritrea and its people.


  1. Yes people are asking for action.so one have to make the initiative to contact all the movements and propose to get together for national salvation and as a condition only to give power to the people but not to make for him everyone’s agenda like the one who is ruling our home land.