Let us stop the Eritrean Dictator before he spits out his venom!


Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis

At this critical juncture in the political life of our country, it is important that Eritreans understand that, since its inception in the 1970s and since it came into government in 1991, the EPLF was designed and moulded solely to advance the political project of one man – the dictator, Issayas Afeworki.

We know today that this fascist dictator framed everything in such a way that, when he adopted a wrong position and committed a blunder, he made sure that there was no institutional framework in place to challenge him or to provide checks and balances.

In other words, since its birth, the EPLF/PFDJ clique has been accountable to no one, not even to its central committee or its hand-picked rubber-stamp parliament, let alone to the Eritrean people or the international community.

It is therefore essential that all Eritreans clearly grasp that their dictator ignorantly and arrogantly believes that he is a great leader and that Eritrea is too small for him. He has the super-ambition of bringing Eritrea, Ethiopia and the entire Horn of Africa under his rule.

Subsequently, today, the Eritrean dictator, as if the colossal crimes that he has already committed against Eritrea, its people and the region as a whole are not enough, is preparing and mobilising his defence forces to invade Tigrai from the North and to turn the region into a pool of blood of innocent Eritreans and Ethiopians.

The fact is that, for the Eritrean dictator, the blood of the Eritrean people being spilled in wasteful criminal wars is of little consequence.

Hence, the crazy military preparation underway to crush Tigrai, in support of the troubled Ethiopian dictator, Abiy Ahmed, is at the same time a foolish attempt to realise his crazy and megalomaniacal political projects.

We must stop the Eritrean dictator at all costs before he spits out his venom, even by fully cooperating with forces that we used to consider inimical to Eritrea’s sovereignty and national interests.

Down with the Eritrean fascist dictator!

The Eritrean people will triumph!