Look how, Amanuel Biedemariam, PFDJ Propagandist Distorts Reality!


By Amanuel Biedemariam

It is somewhat unsettling after 3 decades of independence there is a lingering sense that there is unfinished business from the days of the struggle. I am talking about the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). The TPLF is a vile organization with no redeeming qualities. Its aim is the destruction of Eritrean identity and the destabilization of the State of Ethiopia. The actions of the TPLF over the last two years have demonstrated that reality to the people of the region and particularly the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia.

It is also unprecedented and Perhaps for the first time in history, one ethnic-based political group from a region in a country of many ethnicities is fronting, daring, goading, antagonizing, and poking two heavily militarized nations that can destroy the entire region. Avoiding conflict simply because they are trying to avoid hurting the people.

A lot is happening as a result. People are very frustrated and looking for answers, looking to an end to the provocation, the conflicts and to stop the bad news that comes out as a result. People are frustrated because they are not certain what is coming next. All this craziness is coming out of one place, Tigray.

I am certain in due time, I guess shortly, this will end. I am certain the governments of Eritrea and Ethiopia have the answers. I am sure this will pass.

These raise some questions. A) Where are the people of Tigray in this and how do they feel? B) Where are the Tigray diaspora? Are they complicit? Are they silent because they agree with what TPLF is doing? And do they know how the people of Tigray will be perceived long term and what that means for their future?

The people of Eritrea and Ethiopia deserve peace and stability. The governments and the people of both countries have been super sympathetic to the plight of the people, have shown restraint, and took the higher moral ground. Will it last if things were to continue in this direction. Everything has a limit and I feel we are witnessing it. It is time. Time to look forward to a future free of TPLF’s craziness. Time to dream about a prosperous future. For that to happen we must focus and eradicate everything TPLF.

Source: Facebook