Mamun Darwish a Great Friend of Eritrea and its People is Found Dead in his Cell in Asmara

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis, London, September 14, 2015

images Mamun Darwish

According to the Diplomat News Network, Mamun Darwish, a Sudanese Eritrean national who was imprisoned for more than seven years without charges and trial in Eritrea by the PFDJ authorities, has died last week in a secret prison in the Eritrean capital Asmara. According to the report, his family has not been informed of the circumstances surrounding his death.

It is also reported that his family and the inhabitants of Kassala, the Sudanese town bordering Eritrea, are in shock, grief and sorrow by the news of his death.

Mamun Darwish was a committed friend of Eritrea and its people. His death is a great loss and it is nothing other than murder and the PFDJ gangs ruling Eritrea are squarely and directly responsible for his murder.

Eritrean democrats and other patriots must condemn very strongly the brutalities being committed against Eritrean political prisoners, the deceased Sudanese and the nationals of other countries by the diehard and tyrannical PFDJ rulers of Eritrea.


The Eritrean people need freedom and the rule of law now!!