Mdre Bahri Firmly Supports the Struggle of the Oppressed Oromo People in Ethiopia!


Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis

The Oromo people are unique. They are the only people in the Horn of Africa with an anti-feudal and democratic culture.

In terms of population size and the territories they occupy, the Oromo people are the largest non-Semitic group in the land known to most people as Ethiopia.

The Oromo people and their lands were incorporated into the Ethiopian empire in the 1880s by the then King of Shoa, Menelik, later Emperor of Ethiopia, by fire and sword with the proud king’s other traditional rulers humiliated and decimated.

Ever since their colonisation by the Abyssinian rulers of Ethiopia, the Oromo have been the most oppressed, humiliated and exploited people, politically and economically, by the successive feudal Amhara rulers of Ethiopia.

Due to the fact that the Oromo were crudely denied the right to rule over themselves by the successive Amhara regimes ever since their forceful incorporation into the Ethiopian empire, there have been sporadic rebellions and uprisings by the rural population but these were brutally suppressed militarily.

At the moment, there is a historically large uprising by the rural population and the youth of Oromia against the corrupt and dictatorial Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed.

In response, the Prime Minister, on the advice of the Eritrean fascist dictator, Issayas Afeworki, has arrested and imprisoned highly respected leaders of the recent uprising and dispatched special forces with the direct order to shoot to kill or imprison protesters on sight.

In other words, the power-hungry Prime Minister has introduced the rule of terror in Oromia, Tigrai, and other areas of Ethiopia, just as the Eritrean fascist dictator has ruled Eritrea for the past 28 years, aiming to silence and suppress rebellion by the oppressed.

Consequently, the Oromo parts of Ethiopia remain under the military occupation of the Ethiopian army. So far, it is said that thousands of innocent young Oromo protesters have been brutally murdered and hundreds of others wounded and imprisoned by Abiy Ahmed’s occupation army.

It is, therefore, high time that the political gangs ruling Ethiopia recognised that they cannot have peace and stability by systematically killing, imprisoning marginalising the Oromo, Ethiopia’s majority people, or by denying them justice and barring them from running their own political affairs. calls on the Prime Minister, his Amhara associates and his sell-out Amharised Oromos to stop imprisoning and shooting at innocent and unarmed Oromo protesters, to withdraw its army of occupation from all Oromia lands and to allow the Oromo to exercise their fundamental and inalienable national and human rights to decide their own destiny in a referendum monitored by international observers.  

Long live the solidarity between the oppressed Oromo and Eritrean peoples!

Victory is certain!