The Website for Peace, Democracy, Eritrean Sovereignty, Unity and Human Rights!!

First of all, let me thank the Webmaster of very much for welcoming and introducing Mdre-Bahri to the public. It is now my turn to introduce myself officially with some enhanced details to my fellow Eritreans and others interested in Eritrean affairs. I aim to discuss the birth of Mdre-Bahri website and the noble causes which it is created to serve.

I guess some of you already know that a new Eritrean website bearing the historical name Mdre-Bahri was launched on June the 16th 2015 in London, United Kingdom. I am very glad to inform you now that, in the last few days, Mdre-Bahri was visited and accommodated a record high of ten thousand and five hundred readers. Let me explain now the name I have chosen and why. This will be followed by an explanation of the goals and objectives of the new website.

  1. The Name Mdre-Bahri

The designated name of this site is Mdre-Bahri. It is so named in order to remember the historical fact that, before the advent of European colonialism, most of the present day region which became Eritrea under Italian colonial rule was known for many centuries by its distinct ancient African name ‘Mdre-Bahri (meaning the land by the sea). This region was a self-governing unit ruled by a governor with a throne titled “Bahre-Negassi”.

The governmental headquarters of the rulers of Mdre-Bahri were based in the village of Debarewa, some 25 kilometres from Asmara, the capital city of present day Eritrea. To be sure, Debarewa was an ancient site of the successive rulers of Mdre-Bahri, just as Gonder was of the Abyssinian rulers.

The European travellers who had visited the region before the arrival of the European colonialists to Africa documented that Mereb River was the natural border, separating Mdre-Bahri and Abyssinia.

  1. The Purpose

The Mdre-Bahri website was created with a single purpose: to provide the most up-to-date information and analysis on burning issues related to Eritrean politics, human rights, democracy, war and peace. These are issues that have direct relevance to those practicing politics as a profession, alongside political and human right activists and others that have great personal interest in Eritrean affairs, as well as students and their teachers. In other words, the website has been created and designed to serve the timely need for information needed by all Eritreans who are actively engaged in the struggle to forge a new democratic Eritrea which strictly obeys the rule of law and rejects totally a one-man rule system.

This site was indeed created to serve as the voice for human rights, Eritrean unity and democracy, as well as to promote the causes of peace, understanding and reconciliation among Eritreans in general and the different political groups opposed to the dictatorial regime in Eritrea in particular. Mdre-Bahri is thus absolutely opposed to the involvement of foreign forces, in any form (including under the “pretext of human right violations or the absence of democracy“) in the internal politics of Eritrea. Similarly, Mdre-Bahri is uncompromisingly opposed to the internal elements which advocate in favour of foreign involvement and meddling in Eritrean internal affairs. Put it differently, democratic change – one which does not endanger the sovereignty, unity and security of Eritrea and its people – should and must come through the sole and united efforts and struggle of all the exiled nationalist Eritrean political forces in close collaboration and coordination with the nationalist forces inside Eritrea.

Mdre-Bahri will thus greatly welcome comments, constructive criticism and articles that are in line with the matured political wisdom which advocates that Eritrean problems must be solved only by Eritreans themselves.

Welcome-to-the-World of Mdre-Bahri!!

Tsegezab Gebregergis, London, 1/07/2015