Mdrebahri Strongly Denounces the Attack on Martin Plaut by a PFDJ Hooligan!


By Drs Tsegezab Gebregergis

Martin Plaut, a well-known British journalist, long engaged in political and human-rights activism in support of the Eritrean people’s struggle for justice and democracy, was unceremoniously attacked on Friday November 30 in front of the British Library in London by a certain attention seeker and hooligan named Jacob, a follower of the Eritrean fascist dictator, Issayas Afeworki.

Mdrebahri strongly denounces this malicious, unwarranted and shameful
attack on Mr Plaut, a former BBC reporter.

Mdrebahri also calls on all Eritreans fighting for justice and democracy the world over to condemn this cowardly attack and to send Mr Plaut and his family messages of solidarity and Christmas greetings so he knows that we, Eritrean democrats, will defend him and stand with him as a reliable friend of our people.

Ajoka Mr. Plaut, we stand with you and the fascist style shameful attacks by PFDJ hooligans will be defeated soon.

Long live solidarity among progressive forces!