Medical Scientists in the Netherlands May Save us from the Killer Disease Covid-19!


 According to the Patent, a team of researchers at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands has identified an antibody that will allow the development of a cure for the Coronavirus.

The particle is called 47D11 and is a monoclonal antibody capable of recognizing the spike protein that the virus uses to attack the cells of the human respiratory system and propagate in the body. The researchers explained that spikes function as “tiny picks” that allow Covid-19 to unhinge the entrance doors of human respiratory system cells to penetrate them and multiply. Inhibiting these proteins means disarming the virus: and this is the “task” of the antibody discovered in Holland.

The Dutch researchers – coordinated by the Chinese Chunyan Wang – have discovered that the 47D11 molecule binds to the Spike protein and prevents it from “locking in” other cells. In this way, the antibody prevents the coronavirus from penetrating inside the cells and multiplying. For this reason, researchers in Utrecht are convinced that a cure based on this antibody has important potential “for the treatment and prevention of Covid-19”. The Dutch team’s research has been published in the BioRxiv database. The researchers presented the results of the first tests conducted in the laboratory and made it clear that the antibody must undergo a long testing phase before it can be used to create a cure for millions of people. It will take months, in short, before the drug is actually available.


Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis