Missing Parents of Nigisti Weldeyes!


Help to Trace the Missing Parents Of Nigisti Weldeyes

Mdrebahri.com is asking all Eritreans and Ethiopians, especially those who live in Eritrea or Ethiopia, to help Nigisti Weldeyes in locating her missing father and stepmother or to provide any information which might lead to their whereabouts or reveal whether they are alive or dead.

Nigisti Weldeyes has not seen her father for the last 12 years or her stepmother for the last 18 years. Despite her relentless efforts to locate them, including using the good offices of the Red Cross Society, so far she has not succeeded in tracing them.

She last saw her father in 2006 in Khartoum, Sudan, before he undertook the perilous journey through the desert to Libya, as so many Eritreans do in their desperate attempt to reach the shores of Europe.

She last saw her stepmother in 2000 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Both father and daughter were expelled from Ethiopia that year, but the stepmother remained because she was an Ethiopian national and not an Eritrean.

Her father, Tesfay Weldeyes, is about 1.7m tall, aged 56 or 57 and belongs to the Tigrinya-speaking ethnic group in Eritrea. Her step-mother, Askale Kebede, belongs to the Amharic-speaking ethnic group in Ethiopia and is aged 49 or 50. When last seen, she was living in the area of Lideta, Wereda 3, Kebele 51, in Addis Ababa.

Both father and daughter are victims of the Ethiopian government’s inhuman and illegal policy of expelling innocent Eritreans and were also targeted because of the oppressive PFDJ regime’s persecution of followers of the Pentecostal faith. In 2002, when the Pentecostal faith was later outlawed in Eritrea, they fled from Eritrea to Sudan.

Before arriving in the UK in 2017, Nigisti Weldeyes had worked for 10 years as a maid in Lebanon and was for many years the victim of gross abuse by her Lebanese employer.

Anyone with information about her missing parents is kindly requested to contact Nigisti by email at: nigist549@gmail.com

Or you can contact Mdrebahri.com at: Mdrebahri@gmail.com

Thank you for your solidarity.