My Dear Ethiopians, The Map Displayed Inside the Gold Medal is not the Real Ethiopia!


 As the Readers of Mdrebahri can clearly see, the above ill-conceived map on the gold medal portrays Eritrea and its coast as part and parcel of landlocked Ethiopia. And this shows nothing other than a blatant and aggressive intent against sovereign Eritrea. The map is indeed designed and minted by those who harbour aggressive intent towards Eritrea and its people.

This map below is actually the true map of Ethiopia today.

I am therefore surprised and highly disappointed to learn that the supporters of Endargachew Tsige in Ethiopia crowned him with a gold medal minted with the words “Lanchi New Ethiopia”, on which sovereign Eritrea is portrayed as part of Ethiopia – the former colonial power in Eritrea.

The song (poem) and its title “Lanchi New Ethiopia “is actually written by Andargachew himself.

Ethiopians must therefore show restraint and be careful what they write and say in this era of a politically independent and sovereign Eritrea.

And I hope therefore Endargachew Tsige will disassociate himself from such an ill-conceived and disrespectful map to Eritrea and its people and return it to his supporters. The sooner he does so the better.

Drs Tsegezab Gebregergis