My Mission to the Netherlands is Fully Accomplished!!


I am Now Back to the UK!

Having fully accomplished my mission to the Netherlands, I am now back in the UK.

I would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank all my Eritrean brothers and sisters, other friends and the regular visitors to Mdre Bahri website for the letters of solidarity and encouragement which you have been tirelessly sending to me.

tsegezab GI must state here that, without the help of the Mighty God and the pivotal information I was getting from Eritreans in the Diaspora, my mission to locate and unearth the truth would not have been so successful.

Let me thus assure you here that Mdre Bahre is dedicated to serving the interests of the Eritrean people, the cause of justice, freedom and democracy, Eritrean sovereignty and the unity- in- diversity of the Eritrean people.

In short, Mdre Bahri is a people’s website and, as such, will continue to serve the Eritrean people honestly and sincerely through direct participation in identifying and solving the problems confronting Eritrea and its people.

Mdre Bahri strongly believes that, united, we are capable of utterly defeating the external  and internal enemies of Eritrea and its people.

Let me thus reaffirm it here once again that Mdre Bahri is completely opposed to foreign intervention in the internal affairs of Eritrea in all its forms and disguises.

Mdre Bahri strictly believes that Eritrean problems should be solved only by Eritreans themselves.

Last but not least, some of you have shown an interest in knowing where I stand on the political spectrum, i.e., on the side of the PFDJ government or on the side of the opposition.

My advice to those of you who really want to know my political stance is to read the book and the articles I have written since May 1992.

In any case, I am an avowed opponent of the PFDJ regime in Eritrea. I am not, however – and never was – part of the part of the opposition based in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. And unlike the opposition which fraternises with the TPLF government of Ethiopia, I view the TPLF/EPRDF-led government of Ethiopia as the vicious enemy of Eritrea and its people.

Thus my opposition to the PFDJ regime in Eritrea is based strictly on the philosophical foundations and principles of the progressive aspects nationalism in general and Eritrean nationalism in particular: i.e., while uncompromisingly opposing the totalitarian PFDJ regime, at the same time, I make sure that my activities and political relations do not endanger the security of independent Eritrea and its sovereignty for which thousands of Eritreans have paid with their precious blood.

In other words, although I have irreconcilable political differences with the PFDJ government of Eritrea on questions related to human rights, democracy, the modes of governing Eritrea and its people and other foreign-policy matters, I remain and I will always be very loyal to independent Eritrea and its people.

Mdre Bahri,

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis