Nelson Mandela: A Towering Figure has passed away

The Late Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was a unique political leader in Africa. As far as I know, he was the only leader in Africa who commanded – throughout his life until the final hour of his death – undiminished respect and love from his people as well as internationally. Mandela was indeed a unique and towering figure in that he was genuinely free from vindictiveness, despite the fact that he had suffered so… much and for so long in prison for the sake of the freedom and dignity of the oppressed black South African people.

What is more, Nelson Mandela was also the only political leader in Africa who insisted that he would serve only one term as the President of South Africa; and as promised, he did retire in 1995 after serving his country for only five years. In so doing, Mandela put to shame all the violent and brutal African dictators and thus also inaugurated the highway for a democratic and orderly rule.

Mandela spoke out fearlessly against human rights violations in Africa and elsewhere. He also spoke boldly against the Western world by stating that they could not choose whom South Africa should be befriend, and that South African friends were those who stood on the side of the South African people during the bitter struggle against Apartheid.

Nelson Mandela will thus be remembered not only on the top pages of history books, but also in the hearts and minds of all oppressed people throughout the world.

May his soul rest in peace!!

TsegezabGebregergis, December 06, 2013