No-to-Foreign Intervention in Eritrea’s Internal Affairs!!


Hundreds of Eritreans originating from different European cities, using various means of transportation, are heading to Geneva: the site of angry demonstration against the crude human rights violations in Eritrea. Thus, on the eve of the Geneva demonstration which will be held tomorrow, the 26th of June 2015, I call upon all Eritreans to say “No-to-Foreign Intervention in Eritrea’s Internal Affairs and affirm that Eritrean Problems must be solved and will be solved only by Eritreans themselves and that the US-government dominated/manipulated United Nations is not, never been and can never be the Friend of Eritrea and its People!!

My fellow Eritrean country-men and women, if you want to know the true ugly and deadly nature of the US-UN-led foreign intervention, just look what has happened and is happening to the innocent people of Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen. All the atrocities and huge crimes  being committed in these countries is the outcome of the US/UN led foreign intervention in the internal affairs of other countries.

My fellow Eritrean countrymen and women, let me remind you while there is still time on our side that the main target of the UNHRC, the US and Ethiopian governments is not Issayas Afework and the yes-men working for him as such: believe it or not, the targets are Eritrea and its people. So the question is: who wants to be a collaborator with the enemies of Eritrea and its people? History and the Eritrean people will be the judges!!

In the meantime, as a revolutionary nationalist, I call upon my Eritrean country men and women to say clearly and loudly: No to US/UN led Intervention!! No-to-Neo-colonialism!! Yes to Genuine National Independence!!

Victory to the Eritrean people!!

Down with PFDJ-led brutal Dictatorship in Eritrea!!

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis, London, June 25, 2015.


  1. Dr Tsegzab I am not sure what your intention on our Eritrean matters. You confused me where your stand is. You don’t have clear stand either way like my understanding you. There is some thing to be clear on your side. Tell us who is the Eritrea’s friend and foes, and who is the enemy. I wonder that the hero Wedi Vacaro spoke his mind with regret that what he has done some damage by serving the DIA. Asking for forgiveness for the Eritrean people and starting Exposed the dictator. That you were in his way to oppose him for no reasonable point when he got a good momentum . Here your action spoke more than words. You and some freaks when you notice in the opposition some development that you became excited trying and creating some problems. In addition you are telling us you are against the dictatorial system. But as yet we didn’t see any form of move with a clear cut of agendas. We are watching you and your dear friends jumping allover, least sad to say in our Eritrean in this case. I hope your hidden agenda and your masters will be exposed one day. thank you!

    • Dear Mr.Ogbai,

      Thank you for your comment. I am sorry you feel confused but it is not my intention to confuse anyone. Actually my intention is to enlighten and inform people on burning issues of our time related to Eritrea and its people. If I am right, the message you want to convey is that you do not agree with my understanding of the issues and my political views. That is entirely your right to disagree and challenge my political analysis and the views I have expressed. However, the other entire hullabaloo you have expressed was not necessary at all. Next time, you write comment, you should refrain from expressing vulgar terms as those you have uttered using your unintelligible English.
      As far as the question in relation to Wedi-Vacaro is concerned, I have stated while he was alive and I state it again here that he was a self-confessed criminal, one with a developed fear of Democracy and with a Dubious past. I therefore stated on the basis of his own confessions that he is disqualified to organise or lead a movement for democratic change unless and until a properly constituted court has cleared him from his criminal past in a form of a pardon. Thus, as regards wedi-vacaro, I still stick to my guns.
      Have a nice day.

      Tsegezab Gebregergis, London, June 25, 2015

  2. Thank you Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis, For conducing by saying : ” I call upon my Eritrean country men and women to say clearly and loudly: No to US/UN led Intervention!! No-to-Neo-colonialism!! Yes to Genuine National Independence!!”
    This is the core point where many of us can agree and think positively for understating the root cause of the problem in region.

  3. Have you been to Eritrea recently? . I clearly see Eritrea as a country led by a hungry beast creature “kraken”. The situation in our beloved Eritrea, my friends , is very bad…..I ask you a genuine question, though. Do you actually believe that we have a chance to negotiate with Isayas. I don’t think so , like I said , I don’t see dissimilarity between Somalia and Eritrea. Eritrea is already approaching to that direction under Isayas Afewerki……..the situation there is very shocking, Mr. Gebregergis…….no salary, no business activity, none you get from the government,,,,i saw vehicle owners were trying to buy engine oil illegal from street boys. Even with your money , no freedom in Eritrea… I call this colonialism , I don’t see independent Eritrea anymore…..but lets be honest most Eritreans don’t like to admit what’s going on there. I see most opposition parties don’t even agree with one another , I have no hope from them . And I believe most Eritreans including myself are not interested in firing bullets, we already have over 80,000 brave soldiers sacrificed their lives for Eritrea, though the latter 20,000 , Isayas is responsible for that….So I ask you Mr. Gebregergis , are you relying on these political parties to bring freedom or how do you confront the Kraken,,,,,don’t be emotional, though, We all love Eritrea….Don’t get me wrong , I clearly see similarities of your words with the ruling party, especially you are not clear in your message when you mentioned and said so called enemies of Eritrea,,,, I find your message is exactly to that of Mr isayas Afewerki…… mentioned enemies , Ethiopia, US, UN that is the language Isayas is repeatedly using to brainwash us. Hope you go back and you read what you posted…….

    • Dear brother Samuel,

      Thank you very much for your comment. I read your comment with interest and I encourage you to continue sending your critical comments on articles posted in MdreBahri website. Again, thank you and I appreciate your openly expressed disagreement with my political views. As to some of the questions you have posed, I intend to clarify them in my coming article titled “Once Again on Foreign Involvement in Eritrean Affairs and Its Political Consequences” -to Eritrea and its people. In the meantime, I would advise you to read, if you could, the following books: 1) Erik S. Reinert, How Rich Countries Got Rich… and Why Poor Countries Stay Poor”, especially so pp.71and 161. 2) Chalmers Johnson, “The Sorrows of Empire”, Militarism, Secrecy and the End of the Republic. Read especially the section “Imperialism, New and Old, p.15. 3) Oliver Stone & Peter Kuznick, The Untold History of the United States, read the introduction, roots of empire: “War is a Racket”,xii-xxxiii. You will also profit reading “Empire and Imperialism by Atilio A.Boron.
      All the best!
      Tsegezab Gebregergis, London, June 29th, 2015

    • Thank you Samuel you said it all what I want to say to Mr. or Dr. Tsegezab. We have the worst enemy of the state of Eritrea the dictator himself. That we have enough burden on our shoulder. Let us clear our house and as the same time we can watch our back from external enemies. To bring issues like the global and regional matters like Dr. Tsegezab is seems to give more breath to the dictator to by him time at the heavy cost our dear people.
      Dr.segezab your intention looks good with words only like ‘PEACE’. I SUPPORT YOU ON THAT. But I have a big question peace with whom. With the DEVIL I wish but not a chance. If you got a heart go to Asmara and try it. Then we will call you the father of peace for ever. Please don’t park from the comfort zone of your mansion. If Eritrea is to be failed state, like the ’50,and ’60 It is our weakness by creating some excuses instead stead fasting to bring peace by all means. United hands and voices are needed to remove the Dictatorial system and replace it by the RULE OF LAW. I AM SO SORRY FOR MY POOR ENGLISH. I JUST DONE 8TH GRADE. I am learning from people like you. I have consumed most of my time on struggle for independence Eritrea. Which I don’t have any regret for that. But I am eager to see my country to see it released from the hand of the dictator and his cronies. God wills!

  4. Thank you for your response Mr.Gebregergis, it means a lot,

    I forgot to mention in my first comment that it is very interesting you mentioned the situation in middle east , including Libya and intervention of the US only brings crisis. We have witnessed that already.
    You seem to be genuine intelligent person, I find you are capable of handling critics very well without being emotional. I am impressed with all your feedback comments , Mr. Gebregergis. I wish all Eritreans could only speak the truth with no emotion…..I will try to read the book, thank you for your advice.

    Thank you very much again

    Samuel from Toronto

    • Dear Brother Samuel,

      I thank you very much too for your precious time and for your freely expressed opinion on matters related to Eritrea and its people.

      Forward with the struggle for democratic change!

      Eritrean Problems Must be solved solely by Eritreans!

      And No-to-Foreign Intervention in Eritrean Affairs!!

      With my kind regards,
      Tsegezab Gebregergis