Nothing would stop Fleeing Young Eritreans from the rule of a Brutal and spineless Dictator!!

by Mdre Bahri

It is reported today that about ten Eritrean football players have deserted their team and asked political asylum in Botswana. The players have done so despite the fact that every soccer player in Eritrea is obliged to put a large security deposit as down payment to guarantee his return. They are also required to provide to the oppressive PFDJ authorities the list of names of all close relatives residing in Eritrea. This clearly shows that as long as an oppressive regime remains in power in Eritrea, nothing would stop determined young Eritreans in search of freedom and better life from fleeing to the rich western countries to ask political asylum. Obviously, unless something is done and is done so quickly, nothing will stop a country deprived of its youth from going downhill.