Notwithstanding the wretched behaviour of some spineless Eritreans, Eritrean patriots will once again prevail!!


By Tewelde Gebremariam

Notwithstanding the wretched behaviour of some few spineless Eritreans, be it Christians, Muslims, or of other religious denominations, at the end of the day, Eritrean patriots, as in the past, will again break all the stumbling blocks laid by the international conspirators and their local proxies (the two woyanes, within and without).

The Eritrean patriots have been keenly aware that the relentless extermination of Eritrean elites before and after independence by the impostor isaias afewerk; the demise of Abai Jebha by isaias afewerk and woyane in 1981; the handing over of badme to woyane in 1985 by the impostor isaias afewerk; the 1998 war launched by the impostor isaias afewerk; the No War No Peace; the successive crippling sanctions imposed by the UNSC on Eritreans in 2009 etc. are all sponsored by the Western countries to break the economic and social backbone of Eritreans as a means of undoing of its independence and sovereignty.

Incidentally, the impostor isaias afewerk also is heard laying blames on the Western countries for the current situation. However, his reason is not to inform Eritreans who their enemies are but to prolong and maximize his reign of destruction by not only fooling them into trusting him until he achieved his evil dream but also involve them in their own demise.

Last time I was listening to an interview. The interviewer was a British journalist and interviewee, an Ethiopian opposition. He angrily and pointblank told him that he ought not to receive any assistance from an Ethiopian enemy, Eritrea. To me, that British journalist personifies the Western countries’ pathological infatuation with Ethiopia and their determination to undo Eritrean Independence and Sovereignty.

In the wake of the fascist Italian defeat in the 2nd world war, the Western countries denied Eritrean independence and locked us in a sham federation with Ethiopia. And it was with their explicit assistance that Ethiopia subsequently, unilaterally and forcefully abrogated the sham federation. And it was their guns which mauled Eritreans, burned down their homes, for thirty years, to once and for all, do away with Eritrean struggle for independence. After independence, their agent, the impostor isaias afewerk, launched an illegal and unnecessary war with Ethiopia in which they armed Ethiopia with latest weaponry, tanks, war planes with mercenaries and mauled poorly armed Eritrean conscripts.

The same people sponsored the Algiers treaty where the two countries signed to resolves their difference peacefully through various commissions. The Border commission started and finished its work on paper but could not demarcate the border on the ground because woyane reneged and the Western countries refused to force woyane to abide by the Final binding decision of the EEBC.

On the other hand, their agent, the impostor Isaias afewerk, under the guise of developing the land occupied by the UN Peace Keepers, picked up seemingly unending quarrels with the UN General secretary, and with some members of the UNSC.

Back then we did not have any clue that the reneging of woyane, the Western countries failure to compel woyane to honor its obligation and the impostor isaias afewerk’s bickering with UN peace keepers were preplanned and coordinated but now we know that the never ending, No War No Peace, situation was being hatched.

The UN General Secretary responded by relocating the Peace Keepers to Ethiopia but the impostor Isaias afewerk soon picked another bickering with the UNSC by sponsoring a conference in Eritrea of the fleeing Somlai Islamic fanatics. This act was also preplanned to plunge the people of Eritrea into yet deeper economic and social decimation as evidenced by the crippling sanction the UNSC very quickly imposed on the people of Eritrea.

This sanction is a death sentence and they know it because Eritrea cannot come out it for the impostor isaias afewerk won’t cooperate with the Monitoring group and the Western countries won’t lift it unless he does.

According to the Algiers Treaty, the UN ought to have established an inquiring commission that would investigate into the situations that gave rise to the 1998 war. However, the UN did not establish the commission. Why? Because the Commission would uncover the three conniving culprits— the Western countries, the Impostor isaias afewerk and woyane.