On Professor Tesfatsion Medhanie’s video lectures and their relevance today!!


Since he openly took an anti-TPLF political stance some years back, I have been closely following the speeches and lectures given by the very controversial Eritrean Professor, Dr Tesfatsion Medhanie, on issues related to the post-independence performance of Eritrea under the PFDJ dictatorial rule.

I have also been looking at what he has to say on: the 1998-2000 Eritrean/Ethiopian war; the truth surrounding the EPLF/TPLF relationship and the origin of the differences which led to an open war; the TPLF’s hidden political agenda for Eritrea; the Eritrean opposition based in Ethiopia and supported by the TPLF regime there; democracy and other related matters. I have also carefully listened to, and studied, his latest YouTube lecture.

Having done so, despite the sharp and irreconcilable political differences I had with him during the Cold War period regarding the justness of the Eritrean armed struggle, the nature and role of the Soviet Union and of the Ethiopian military regime (the Derg) and other related issues, in view of the radical change of circumstances since then, I must state that I now appreciate very much the bold and independent political line he represents.

I also appreciate the detailed and penetrating historical analysis he provides to the Eritrean public and others who have a keen political interest in the Horn of Africa region in general, and Eritrean/Ethiopian affairs in particular, at this unique turning-point in Eritrea’s history.

I thus recommend that all critical, independent-minded, patriotic and democratic-thinking Eritrean political activists struggling for the triumph of justice and democracy in Eritrea listen carefully to his video lectures and discuss, if possible in groups, the important points and issues he raises from time to time.

For these are issues that the so-called opposition, based in Ethiopia and supported by the Woyane regime there, do not and could not dare to raise and discuss openly. One example of this is the Tigrai/Tigrign concept: Is this concept applicable and feasible in the aftermath of the realisation of politically independent Eritrea and at a time when the TPLF group is facing a serious public uprising and is cornered in many parts of Ethiopia and facing a cold reception even in its home province, Tigray?

Mdre Bahri

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis





  1. Hi Drs Tsegazab,
    You are right that Profesor Tesfazion Medhanie might have flip-flops in the past but his current position , with regard to the woyane Trojan Horses, so called Eritrean oppositions, and the hidden agenda of the impostor isaias afecherqi and woyane on Eritrean future , is penetrating and revealing.

    If I correctly heard him, he also stated that he had documents that prove ,that the 1981woyane- EPLF alliance against Abai jebha and the systematic decimation that isaias afecherqi has been inflicting on Eritrean and it’s people, was in accordance with a plot devised in Washington D.C. between isaias afecherqi, Meles Zenawi and CIA.

    It appears this guy is very mportant, educated and elequent. Unfortunately, he may not have very long years to live anymore. I hope some one will interview him on radio before it is too late so our people back home can listen to his penetrating views and revelations.