On the Heroism of General Bitweded Abraha and the Treacherous nature and deeds of Issaias Afeworki!!


An article Submitted by a reader of Mdre Bahri  (Tewelde G/Mariam)

As most of you know by now, Biteweded Abraha is unimpeachable and brilliant warrior hero. Isaias afewerki put him behind bars in the early jubilant years of Eritrean independence because Bitweded would not let him realize his secret grand-conspiracy against Eritrea and its people. Thus, Isaias Afewerki released General Bitweded Abraha in 1997, not as some people wrongly maintain to benefit from his talent on the war – after all the war was planned and executed by both woyane and isaias Afewerki – for which Badme was handed over to woyane to serve as a pretext. The hard truth is Isaias Afeworki released Biweded Abraha in order to have him eliminated, once for all, by his secretly operating killing squads in the war and then to bury him as a martyr to conceal his criminal act. In so doing to fool the Eritrean people as he has done it always. Nevertheless, the gallant fighter, Bitweded Abraha, did not allow Issaias and his co-conspirators to deceive him to fall into the treacherous trap laid-down against him in advance.

Thus having miserably failed with his evil plan, Isaias Afewerki was forced to put Bitweded Abraha back to prison because the coward Issaias Afeworki perceived him as a serious threat to the realization of his conspiracy against Eritrea and its people.

Consequently, the question which every Eritrean must ask now is this: how come the incarcerated EPLF senior leaders did not lend their support and show solidarity at a needy moment to this great Eritrean and man of the people? In other words, why did they let him down? The only answer is pure opportunism – a flagrant and pernicious opportunism for which the Eritrean people have paid and are still paying a heavy price. In so doing, the G-15 have condemned themselves to languish in PFDJ underground prisons without any hope of being released as long as Eritrea remains under the control of the brutal and sadist dictator.

My Fellow genuine Eritreans,

Wake up, unite and act. If we do not act in unity now, there is no one who will act for us. We have no luxury of time. Woyane and Isaias Afewerki are two faces of the same coin. The slander and accusations they throw at each other is just a manifestation of the infamous diction, Lbi Tigrai Twi Twai. We have been duped by their treachery. We must rise up now to save Eritrea and its noble people.

Down with the Dictator!!

Eritrea and its people will be victorious!!