On the So-Called Vision of a Storm in Eritrea !!

The Lone Wolf President of Eritrea will soon be Committed to History’s Garbage Disposal !


All  the persons who claims to have special powers to tell what might happen in the future state their prediction in a vague and general terms so that to be able to say I told you so when and if the event in question did indeed happen. At present there is one day dreamer telling Eritreans that (while in the Spirit),he saw a heavy, devastating and destructive storm sweeping across Eritrea, breaking its mountains and plant yard. This is being interpreted, then by another Eritrean daydreamer, to mean that a new wave of change is coming soon in Eritrea; and that Eritrea shall experience an end to its current dictatorial regime.

Thus rather than calling on Eritreans to organize and  unite for revolutionary action to effectuate change, our daydreamer then suggests Eritreans should pray so that change will come forth soon in Eritrea. However, as far as Mdre Bahri is concerned, this is nothing other than a call to surrender to the rule of the PFDJ tyrannical rule. For nothing comes through praying other than giving self-satisfaction to the naïve person engaged in prayer. Indeed, everything in history is the product of a conscious revolutionary action of the masses.

There is no doubt that change which will end once and for all fear, silence, acceptance and submission to tyrannical rule will be realized soon in Eritrea and the tyrannical PFDJ regime led by the lone Wolf President of Eritrea,  will be thrown into history’s garbage disposal like all other tyrannical rulers before him. This is simply because the organized and revolutionary united action of a self-confident masses is much powerful than power of the illegitimate and corrupt PFDJ regime.

Henceforth, let us have a strong faith in our people that the change which will bring an end tyrannical rule in Eritrea will come through the united revolutionary action of the Eritrean people and not through prayers  as we are told to believe by the Jesus freaks.