Once Again About Mdrebahri.com!


Mdrebahri is an Eritrean website which began operating in May 2015. Unlike other websites, Mdrebahri is characterised by its fearless and incorruptible approach and practice, by its complete independence, by its loving frankness and by the truth in its relative sense. It calls a fig a fig and a spade a spade – to call a spade a spade means to speak the unvarnished truth, to speak plainly and without embellishment and without softening the hard realities of that truth. 

So this website is not influenced, nor does it yield to, either hatred or affection. It is not charitable nor unforgiving, neither timid nor offensive, but operates like an impartial judge, giving each side all it deserves but no more.

Mdrebahri bows to no authority and acknowledges no presidents or kings. It does not worry what this or that man or woman might think about what is written here, but merely states, as far as possible, the facts as they really occur.

In this way, Mdrebahri.com truly reflects the bold political and philosophical stance and the fearsome nature and approach of its founder.

Mdrebahri is fully aware that frankness may well kill faster than lying does, but strongly believes that it is much preferable to die faster as a messenger of frankness than to live for much longer as a liar.

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis