Human Right Commission President and his Uncalled Behaviour

By now we all have heard about all that baseless Commission of Inquiry report, but here I would like to draw a special attention to the Human Rights Council (HRC) 29th Regular Session of Human Rights Council Interactive Dialogue on Tuesday, June 23, 2015, chaired by Joachim Rücker, President of the Human Rights Council, 9th Cycle (2015.

As a President of Human Rights Council (HRC) and a Chair of the Interactive Dialogue, I find it very disturbing that this person found enough time during the session exhibited a hidden hostility towards Eritrea, its government and its people and a racist tendency toward the black race.

Exhibit #1: Just before the session started the President/Chair informed the floor that members of the COI “have been subjected to various threats and acts of intimidation in their hotel and the streets since their arrival in Geneva.” Furthermore, he continued saying that security in the area had been doubled and that he would further investigate and present his findings in the future.

Personally I find this to be absolutely the lowest form of systematically belittling and insulting the thousands brave Eritreans who flooded Geneva to protest against his garbage. This new allegation is an open attack on the people of Eritrea in the Diaspora because there is no doubt that it was mentioned to make the gallant Eritreans look like some sort of thugs or street gangs. It is obvious that the President and his cohorts, who quickly rushed to expressed their “concern” about this new allegation during their 5-minute presentation, could not swallow the fact that so many brave children of Eritrea can organize themselves in such a short period of time and challenge them in front of their Headquarter. They couldn’t swallow the fact that Eritreans will always fight and defend their hard-earned freedom and independence wherever they are and against whomever he is.

Exhibit # 2: After he rudely interrupted the Eritrean Delegate while addressing the newly announced “harassment” allegation at the end of his presentation, the President had the audacity to rudely admonish the Eritrean delegate for using words such as “ignorant” “sinister political agenda” and “travesty of justice,” which he said were not “adequate for this council.”

This is so close to being absurdly funny because, in a sense, the President was trying to insult and embarrass the Eritrean government for using words that are not “adequate for this council” but words such as “slavery,” “rape” and “torture,” which were extensively used throughout the COI report, are accepted and “adequate for this council.” These words are not only an insult to Eritrea but also derogatory and racist in nature and absolute attack on the entire black people who had been, and continue to be, enslaved by the white European people.
The President chose to show his true nature in unorthodox way, but this goes to show the basic principle and tenet by which his organization functions.

Written by Haile Abraham