President Isaias Fought for the Existence of a United Ethiopia: Dr. Kassa Kebede!!


Ambassador Dr. Kassa Kebede could not be a stranger for many Ethiopians but for Eritreans, only few recall him when he was part of the faction of government officials who advised Mengistu Hailemariam in the negotiations with the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in London.

The abortive London conference of mid 1991 was intended to broker an end to the disastrous war and save Ethiopia from possible disintegration. As a Minister and a civilian high-ranking diplomat, Dr. Kassa Kebede was instrumentalin urging Mengistu to compromise with the Eritreans and the Tigray Liberation Fronts for the sake of saving Ethiopia from disintegration during those numerous closed door negotiations and backdoor meetings in London.

Besides that, the conference had given Ambassador Kassa Kebede several exclusive opportunities to personally meet and do somecandid conversations with the then Chairman of the EPLF, Isaias Afwerki and TPLF, Meles Zenawi.

Let alone Eritreans, many Ethiopians do not have the details of those closed door crisis meetings. But when Ambassador Kassa started to spill the beans last year in a Washington Conference, he caught the attention of many Eritreans. On top of his political ingenuity,  he is a kind of person that never backs down from calling a spade a spade. He argued for the first time in public that, believe it or not, “President Isaias has an unbending belief in the existence of a United Ethiopia“.

Ambassador Kassa told the audience that even if there are a lot to say about the good, the bad and the ugly out of President Isaias, but when it comes to the struggle for the existence of a united Ethiopia, he believes President Isaias stands out higher than the current TPLF government, and he said, he is a living witness for that.

This might sound ludicrous to some but if they stop and think for a moment what could possibly stop President Isaias from letting Ethiopia disintegrate after he liberated Eritrea and helped TPLF freed Tigray? Nothing! except his strong aspiration of seeing a united and peaceful Ethiopia as his neighbor than a chaotic one.

As a matter of fact, Isaias only needs to pull a handful of strings at that time if he had the slightest intention to dismember Ethiopia. It could be endorsing and supporting for the success of the “Greater Tigray” manifesto and at the end giving an automatic recognition for the newly independent Tigray republic. This alone could be enough to bring Ethiopia to its knees as it will send a precedent to the Oromo, Ogaden and other affected ethnic groups to follow suit. Or it could also be by giving unreserved support to article 39 of the Ethiopian constitution. Or by forging peace with the TPLF-led government and lend its utmost support to its policy of “Ethnic Federalism” and the division of Ethiopian people and land along ethnic lines, etc… But he chose none of that.

25 years later, his vision of a peaceful and united Ethiopia co-existing side by side with a newly independent state of Eritrea still not a total failure since, at least, Ethiopia is saved from the worst even though at a greater expense of Eritrea’s hard earned independence, peace and territorial integrity.  Some could still argue, had Isaias chose the later option, Eritrea wouldn’t be stuck in the current problem.


    Instead of her mother she misses her mother in-law !!

    FACTS: president Isaias should fight for the existence of Eritrea instead of Ethiopia!!
    his/our country Eritrea is dying on his/our watch!!! it’s only my personal observation.
    you do not have to like me or dislike for giving the above comment.

    God bless you all.

  2. It is quite clear that Issayas did work for the better Tigray people Woyane to come to power in Ethiopia. His blood line forced him to do that. Decedent of Aite Mirach( father of Atse Yohans) of Tembien. Wake up and unite Eritrean people to own your land and free from evil messengers of imperialist. Now is the time to unite without precondition to save your land from settlers in Eritrea.
    Issayas blood line is Aite Mirach, Abraham, Afeworki and Issayas.
    The settlers own our land saved by our forfathers blood from ouside invaders for us. But we are not able inherit our forfathers’ savings because we are weak to unite and do our job defending our motherland from settlers…

  3. Well one way or the other it looks this fake president has sold Eritrea already and slowly but surely he is making the way clear by killing systematical all those who can potentially oppose him one after the other. My big question is why is that impossible for his victims failed to track him down before it is too late. Because my guess is that not all around his circles could agree on sailing Eritrea. I remember Wedi Vacaro said that Haile Drue undermine Issayas and did not took fast move to remove or control the dictator in 2001. As of Wedi Ali’s plot it was not good Idea to control the mass media before totally controlling the dictator. There is a rumor that it was Sebhat Efrem who was the main reason for the action to abort. But the is always time and hope that the regime will be scrambled very soon.

  4. The evidence of Isias does not play any role in unity of any country.
    The clear evidence is his role in Sudan.
    So no one can expect him to work for Ethiopian unity.

  5. Sbhat Efrom is the fox of all democratic movement in the armed struggle. He betrayed Tewelde Eyobe at the time that the democratic movement against Issayas. I do not expect from him any thing except to side with issayas to save his life.
    If he were really fighter, he was supposed to stand with the true Eritrean fighters.
    There are so many things to say about Sbhat Efrom. He is the most opportunistic to live only for his life.

  6. The pillars of Eritrea are eight provinces and eight ethnic nationalities. Out of those, it is treason to Eritrea. The eight pillars are our traditional pride as a country.
    Who gave Issayas authority to dismantle the old structure of Eritrea. He is not elected leader by the people of Eritrea.
    decision destine of Eritrea should be decided by Eritrean people.
    Issays’s decision is a horse behind the wagon. Who has the right to decide about the future of Eritrea? Is it not the Eritrean people right to decide their future. I never heard one person to decide the future of millions of people.
    It is shameful that the Eritreans giving him blank cheque to do whatever he wants.
    Do we have to entertain any immigrant who come to settle in Eritrea? we should not. any one who come to Eritrea must fully
    integrate to our culture and language. Other than that is disaster to aloow them to impose their language and culture on us.
    Look the Rshaida group, they migrated to Eritrea from Saudi Arabia,they kept their language and culture and settled in Eritrea. It is really shameful.