Prime Minister Hailemariam – “If EU Gives aid to Eritrea, Ethiopia will Invade and Europe will be flooded by over a million of Refugees!”


Ethiopia threatens to invade Eritrea if the EU gives financial aid to Asmara and this would cause an exodus of over a million refugees. It is a clear warning about the risks of a possible aggravation of the migratory crisis in Europe to the tensions between the two African countries, one that launches the president of the Socialists and Democrats group in the European Parliament, Gianni Pittella (Pd), returned from a trip to Addis Ababa, where he met with Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn. “The issue that most concerns me – says Pittella – concerns precisely the relationship between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

The Prime Minister, with whom I spoke more than an hour, he warned me that if the EU gives aid to Eritrea, Ethiopia to invade. Solve everything in seven days, he told me, and I send you a million refugees in Europe. “

What did she say?

Fully agree with the very negative opinion on the Eritrean regime, which is an authoritarian regime, but the point is that it is not about giving money to the regime, but to NGOs fighting poverty and misery. I told him that Eritrea’s invasion would be a catastrophe, and starve the Eritrean people would not solve anything. Why even President Jean-Claude Juncker Commission told me that those funds cannot give.
And then there is the question of Ethiopia’s refusal to recognize the UN verdict on borders…

Yes. When I said that the Prime Minister of Ethiopia policy is short-sighted, because it offers an excuse to declare Eritrea in a state of war, consolidating the dictatorship and enlisting a permanent league service men from a very young age up to the more advanced, which he explains the flight of many Eritreans.
About refugees: Ethiopia shows much more generous Europe …

Indeed so: it alone is home to 800,000 on its territory, while the EU with its 500 million inhabitants arguing for 160,000 asylum seekers.
The president of the Chamber Laura Boldrini has called “a stain on Europe ‘the agreement with Turkey to stop them …

I agree with President Boldrini which is certainly not ideal, far from it. It is an emergency solution, due to the fact that for months and months, many Member States have rejected the one that is the main road, the distribution and reception of asylum seekers. Except that, once we have seen amassing more and more migrants in Greece, we had no choice but, I repeat, is the fruit of selfishness and lack of accountability of various Member States. I add, however, that the European Parliament will monitor that actually implementing the plan should fulfill all human rights.

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