Prime Minister: Stop Your Crude Interference and Leave Eritrean Affairs to Eritreans!


Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis

On October 3 2019, a report appeared in the “Israeli Times”, headlined “Netanyahu says he discussed deportation of Eritreans with Ethiopian PM“.

It highlighted that the Ethiopian Prime Minister had promised to help the Israeli Premier in the repatriation of Eritrean refugees.

In response to this news, which exposed the crude interference by the Ethiopian Prime Minister in Eritrea’s internal affairs, Eritreans throughout the world have justifiably reacted furiously.

Mdrebahri would therefore like to make it absolutely clear that the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, has no mandate whatsoever – in fact, it is none of his business  to negotiate with Binyamin Netanyahu on behalf of Eritrean refugees living in Israel.

It is therefore of cardinal importance that the Prime Minister understands that he is violating international law by collaborating flagrantly with the Israeli leader in promising to make arrangements for the repatriation of  Eritrean asylum-seekers to a repressive country under the rule of a psychopath from whom they fled to seek protection in the first place.

It is therefore high time that Abiy Ahmed learned to mind his own business and keep away from Eritrean affairs. The sooner he does so, the better for both Eritrea and Ethiopia.