Sanction is Silent Terrorism & Must Be Outlawed!!



November 20, 2014 ·

meskerem 11/19/2014: In a recent interview conducted with Keleta Kidane, which will soon be made public, Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis described sanctions as a silent terrorism appearing under a different name that kills and maims innocent people.

He also underscored to the fact that the Eritrean people living under the sanctions regime for the last six years are dying from hunger and are licking dust to survive.

He reiterated that the US government, the UN and the TPLF rulers of Ethiopia are squarely responsible for the untold suffering of the Eritrean people. And he called upon the world community to lift immediately the unjust and criminal sanctions imposed against Eritrea and its people.

He also pointed out that sanctions against weaker African countries is a criminal undertaking, just as terrorism is, and as such, it must be outlawed.

He also called for the immediate expulsion of foreign forces stationed in Eritrea- especially those that are crudely interfering in the internal affairs of Eritrea, endangering the peace and stability, the unity of Eritrea and its people. Likewise, he appealed to all Eritreans living in the Diaspora to hold peaceful demonstrations in front of the Eritrean embassies throughout the world to demand the immediate expulsion of the Tigrian forces stationed in Eritrea popularly known as Demihit.

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis is an outspoken social and political scientist living in London and has written several articles in opposition to the imposition of sanctions against Eritrea and its people.