Saudi Warships Are Seen in Assab, Eritrea: Why Are Arabian Warships in Eritrean Waters?


As far as Mdrebahri is concerned, the presence of Saudi Arabian warships in Eritrean waters is, first and foremost, a serious security threat to Eritrea and its people, as well as to Eritrea’s immediate neighbour, Ethiopia.

Second, the active presence of Saudi warships in sovereign Eritrean territory is diametrically opposed to the declared principles and objectives of the Eritrean revolution, which stipulate that independent Eritrea will not provide military bases for any foreign government.

This revolutionary principle is clearly stated in the political programme of both the EPLF and ELF and is written with the precious blood of the brave sons and daughters of Eritrea.

Why, then, is this sacred principle being crudely betrayed by the myopic fascist dictator ruling Eritrea?

Mdrebahri believes it is now high time that the Eritrean people in their millions say that enough is enough and the mad fascist Eritrean dictator must go.