Shame to Medrek and its Leaders!!

Breaking News!!

Andebrhan Woldegiorgis

Mdre Bahri has just learned that our Man at Medrek, Andebrhan Welde Giorgis and his tiny associates, has unashamedly travelled to Ethiopia to Kiss the blood soaked Hand and Feet of the Woyane Rulers of Ethiopia- the evil rulers  who are occupying sovereign Eritrean territory illegally and strictly following N0-Peace and No-War policy against our country with the express aim to strangulate Eritrea economically.

The visit by Andebrahan  and his associates has been undertaken at time  when  young innocent  Ethiopian  protesters are being daily murdered in a wholesale fashion by the direct order of the Woyane rulers  of Ethiopia. Mesakin Medrek Merahti- your nationalist credentials is now totally discredited. Shame to you!!