Shocking Revelations About The True Identity of Abiy Ahmed!



No wonder, every time Abiy Ahmed(Abraha) welcomed the Eritrean Dictator (Issayas Afeworki) to Ethiopia, he acted as a child and hugged him like a lost father coming home (look at the picture).

Mdrebahri’s Remark


Many people were shocked by the recent revelations about the true identity of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia. According to these revelations, Abiy Ahmed was named after his stepfather, Ahmed Ali, and not his biological father, Abraha Khasay, who was an Eritrean cross country bus driver.

On July 13, 1975, Abiy Ahmed’s Orthodox Christian mother, Tezeta Wolday, was working in a small hotel in present-day Eritrea as a receptionist when she met his biological father, Abraha Khasay, and Abiy Ahmed was conceived from this relationship. When Ms. Wolday found out she was pregnant, she moved to the Beshasha, Oromia region in Ethiopia where she encountered Abiy Ahmed’s future stepfather, Ahmed Ali, and the current Prime Minister of Ethiopia was born at his stepfather’s farm.

Throughout his entire life, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has tried very hard to conceal his true identity while living with his stepfather but, those who knew him closely said that his strong desire to meet his Eritrean biological father was evident and they were not surprised when he reached out to Eritrea to sign a peace agreement despite opposition from many people in Ethiopia. Soon after he became a Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed invited his stepfather, Ahmed Ali, to the national palace for a spectacular dinner and a few days later his stepfather passed away in a hospital from undisclosed conditions.

In conclusion, Abiy Ahmed (Abiy Abraha) is neither an Oromo nor an Ethiopian but, 100% Eritrean. It is no surprise that Ethiopia is in huge turmoil right now. It looks like the Ethiopians, including the Oromo, are finally colonized by Eritrea because of Abiy Ahmed (Abiy Abraha).

Source: Horn of Africa 360