Some Criticism to the Investigation I Undertook!!


By Awet

While your investigation into the matter is appreciated; as a big scholar you are I would expect you to go further and stand by your people. Your research in the incident in the Netherlands should be translated of widespread rape in Eritrea into a bigger initiative and try to look at the COI reports. Leaving all politics aside; that part of the report that humiliatingly imply rape isn’t a rarity or rather a common in Eritrea should be condemned. The incident in the case of the Rotterdam church might seem little; but by all probability it was constructed in a way to justify the ‘investigations’ of the COI.

We need to shelve politics aside for the time being; and come up with knowledge that befits our youngsters as they should eventually feel like Eritreans, shouldn’t be lost and swallowed into the supporter-opposition cleavages. The members of the Eritrean Diaspora Epistemological community need to focus on what they can teach the youths and on how they can retaliate on the ‘misdeeds’ that’s they have gone through. The nation is in a defining moment not from a political risk but generational risk. We should come out of the blame game and do our share of work.

What used to characterize Eritreans as one people is quickly evading. The history that we once used to pride ourselves is put into a big test. We need to wake-up and stop finger pointing. We need to show to the world that whatever our political differences; we need strong on matters that hinge on national interest.

We need to teach our youngsters to honor their heroes and not a foreigner who’s in a court case with a young citizen. That should be left to be decided in the battle at the court. Seeing some qaurters raise a banner as far as calling a foreigner (with Jewish background) the ‘mother of Eritreans’ is sickening and leaves our true mothers (the likes of mama Zeineb, and others who have lost 5-6 of their children) in the shadows. We need to uphold the Eritrean pride and nationalism.

By Awet