Some People Are Incapable of Learning From the Lessons of History & Are busy propagating a non-issue to Eritreans!!


This video is a must to listen by all patriotic Eritreans!!

As the above video clearly shows, some disgruntled Eritreans are doing their utmost on behalf of the expansionist and chauvinist Ethiopian political class to restore the old unbalanced and unjust Eritrean/Ethiopian relationship.

In other words, they are propagating to subordinate Eritrea, politically and economically, to Ethiopia under various pretexts.

I therefore say: let those who are incapable of learning from the lessons of contemporary history know that one cannot roll the wheels of history backwards.

Eritrea is an independent and sovereign nation and will always be run by Eritreans and for Eritreans and shine forever as a politically independent entity.

Let those who have the habit of barking continue to bark. Meanwhile, the camel will continue marching.

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis


  1. The future of Ethiopia is bleak; disintegration is more likely; the Western countries may as usual scramble to save it but can only postpone the inevitable for a little while. As old dogs never learn new tricks, the oldies, Tesfatsion Medehanye and Bereket Habteslase,cannot be expected to sing a new song but only the outdated ones they learned as young slaves of Ethiopian rulers.