ex-information minister
ex-information minister

Ali Abdu is the former Eritrean Information Minister and the darling/henchman of the Eritrean dictator until he defected in November 2011 while on a visit to Germany. He now lives in Australia. The document which I am posting under the title “Statutory Declaration” is the statement he submitted to the Australian government to get the status of a political refugee. A statutory declaration is thus a legal declaration a person makes under oath in the presence of a lawyer. It is done so in order to fulfil the legal requirement by solemnly swearing the truth in regard to what is stated in one’s declaration. In the document, the meticulous reader will notice and identify many inconsistencies, innuendos, and in some instances outright lies, inflammatory and incriminatory statements and self-congratulatory language such as that he was a clean and uncorrupted person. What is more, in the statutory declaration, Ali Abdu has stated unashamedly that his aim was …to expose the severe discrimination pursued against minorities and Muslims and that the website operated in the US … had its foundation in Eritrea, particularly amongst the Jeberti minority race and that the news editor is his brother. I thus hereby invite readers to read the document carefully and send your comments to this website. Enjoy reading it.

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  1. Ane zifelto haki Ali Abdu abmisar gujile 15 kendi tewasaay zenebere seb iyu. Shiu ab HMMTA mikitil abomenber ikua intenebere kendi sirihu gin halafi hagerawi dihinet iyu neru. Abti misar G15 kidmiaa zineberet mishet kulen mekayin HMMTA sibilawi targa kikiyerelen nihalafi megoazia HMMTA biakal tiizaz hibu nitsibihitu abmisar G15 awafiruwen silezi kendi kabtom geben zifetseme seb iyu.