The 2017 Eritrean People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) Festival in Frankfurt!!


Let us Meet, on August 4 2017, at the EPDP Festival in Frankfurt !

Drs Tsegezab Gebregergis

Who is the Eritrean People’s Democratic Party (EPDP)?

The EPDP is a political party, created on January 1, 2010 as a
merger of various like-minded Eritrean political groups after a
protracted and arduous but successful struggle and following negotiations between the leaders of the different organisations.

The founders of the EPDP were highly experienced cadres and therefore very zealous and optimistic about creating a large, strong, and cohesive/viable opposition political party – one which spoke with one voice and which could operate as a shadow government ready to assume the mantle of governmental power when the balance of forces in Eritrea tipped in its favour.

This year the Eritrean People’s Democratic Party festival will
take place in Frankfurt, Germany, from 4 to 6 August 2017.

According to the EPDP, representative Angela Hanisch and FDP
representative Stefan von Wangenheim will participate at this year’s festival.

All Eritreans are most welcome to attend the Frankfurt festival.


  1. It does not need a mind of a neurosurgeon to understand that the #1 reason Eritrea has been languishing under the impostor Isaias Afewerk is our disunity. The baffling question is: What went wrong that thwarted us into this mess of sectarian, religious, regional polarization , to become the laughing-stock of our neighbors? The three architects that maliciously spawned this ugly situation are the following:

    1. Isaias Afewerk. 2. Abdella Idrs 3. Woyane

    The number of elites of Eritrean Highlanders that Isaias Afewerk cold bloodedly murdered, directly, indirectly, pre and post independence is uncountable. Some simpleton Eritreans ascribe his murderous conduct to his Maoist background. This is false. After all, it was his murderous conduct that earned him the trust of the Islamic fanatics and the scholarship to Communist China. Even after his return from Communist China, joined the splinter group, branded his former benefactors as fanatics and murderers, it did not take him long to ally himself with the so called Obellin— Omar, Romodan group– and to continue his murderous onslaughts within EPLF. He singled out the elites of the Highland for annihilation to keep his hidden motive– destruction of the very existence of Eritrea and its people– as he systematically drives Eritreans into his slaughter chambers.

    The hidden agenda of Isaias Afewerk is to establish Abai Tigrai, for which his grandfather, as Military General of Alula, had tried in vain. Isaias is therefore attempting to fulfill his grandfather’s dying wish. And woyane had expressed the same agenda in a manifesto around 1977. These two routed out Abai Jeba in 1981. In 1985, Isaias afewerk handed over Badmato woyane. In 1998, Isaias Afewerk occupied Badme by force triggering the Eritrean-Ethiopian war and ushered in the current devastating situation of NO War No Peace. In 1990, Meles of woyane, in an interview with Paul Henze, asserted that Isaias Afewerk did not believe in Eritrean independence. But our simpletons, in the like of EPRP, Erimedrek etc. tell us Woyane and Isaias Afewerk are mortal enemies and that woyane is a friend and supporter of Eritrean Sovereignty. If these people are not morons, then who are?

    I said before that isaias afewerk and woyane routed out Abai Jebha. But we must remember that it was Abdella Idris who had paved the way and expedited the process for their triumph, while some of the now leaders of EPDP—in the like of Tesfai Degiga—were dead-men walking.
    The Abdella Idrs agenda for Eritrea unraveled very soon in the wake of Abai Jebha demise. Establishing his new ELF, solely composed of pure Tigre ethnic group, he flew to meet Mengistu Haile Mariam in Addis Abeba, where he renounced the quest for Eritrean independence and instead accepted two state autonomy under Ethiopian rule, which was, thanks God, nipped in the bud by the victorious EPLFs. He died long time ago but his dream and goal is still alive and the organization–new elf– he established is the core of the so called Eritrean opposition in Ethiopia. Herein lies the fundamental reason why the impostor Isaias afewerk has been freely ruining the country and its people, while woyane is rendering the opposition toothless. If we are to save our country and people, EPDP, Erimedrek and others must recognize that woyane, isaias afewerk and Abdella Idris group are enemies.