The aims of the Woyane sent Errand Boys is to foment confusion and disturb the balance to serve the Political Objectives of the Woyane regime!!


1.The Purpose

The purpose of this piece of writing is to bring to the immediate attention of all Eritrean patriots genuinely engaged in the struggle for social justice, democracy and human dignity the serious dangers posed to the territorial integrity, unity and sovereignty of Eritrea by the various Woyane-trained errand-boys stirring up trouble and confusion among Eritreans in general and in the ranks of the younger generation in particular.

Thus, the main thrust and principal aim of this article is to pinpoint and discuss the dangers and risks associated with the involvement of foreign forces in the internal affairs of Eritrea and its people. This is imperative in light of the painful and agonizing experience that the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya and Syria are undergoing at present as a result of the direct involvement of foreign forces in their internal affairs.

  1. The Concern

At present, there is a lot of noisy talk by some of these politically marginalized and desperate Eritrean groups and individuals expressing directly and indirectly their desire to involve foreign powers and the UN in the internal affairs of Eritrea and its people. Some of these wannabe Eritrean groups are appealing to the TPLF rulers of Ethiopia to involve the PFDJ government of Eritrea militarily with the aim of bringing about regime change; while others are openly supporting and agitating for the UN to bring the PFDJ leaders to the International Criminal Court (ICC). Obviously, this is diametrically opposed to the nationalist principle that all Eritrean groups and individuals that have committed crimes against the Eritrean people should be tried inside Eritrea by a properly constituted Eritrean court presided by competent Eritrean judges.

Similarly, other anti-Eritrea Eritreans and the stooges of the Woyane regime are very busy doing their level best to belittle, denigrate and devalue the heroism of the Eritrean people in general and the heroic acts performed by Eritrean freedom fighters in particular during the protracted war for Eritrean independence.desalgebrehiwotindex.7

Some of the tiny vocal minority of Eritrean paltalk groups are represented by Woyane-sent errand-boys, namely Amiche, Desbele Bereket, Pilot and many others bearing a plethora of pen-names. These errand-boys are busily preaching day-in and day-out about irrelevant but politically divisive matters such as religiosity, regionalism, ethnicity and secessionism. These sensitive issues are chosen because they could be misrepresented as the fault lines in Eritrean society and, if inflamed and pushed to the extreme, they could be the catalyst for creating an explosive and chaotic situation inside Eritrea.

In addition, the above mentioned wannabe groups are even trying in vain to portray the Eritrean freedom fighters as outlaws (shifta). Some of these Woyane errand-boys have even gone to the extremes of questioning the legitimacy of the just and successful 30-year war waged by the Eritrean people against the despotic Ethiopian colonial rule over Eritrea.

Similarly, there are also some Eritrean individuals, as represented by Rezene Habte and Yosief Gebrihiwet, who are working very hard to give a distorted account of Eritrea’s pre-colonial relationship with Ethiopia and thereby making a futile attempt to Ethiopianise the Eritrean past. For instance, in his 2015 article titled “ጉዕዞ ኣልራቢጣ ኣልእስላሚያን፥ ኣንድነትን” (, Rezene Habte has tried in vain to inflame non-existing contradictions between Moslem and Christian

What is more, these guys are even advocating the partition of Eritrea along the lines of the 1940s British proposal for dividing Eritrea into two parts by merging the predominantly Christian-inhabited areas of Eritrea with Haile Selassie’s Ethiopia and linking the Moslem-inhabited lowland areas with Sudan.

In aggressive and blunt fashion, Tedros Mengistu Wondefrash, a member of the Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change (EYSC-NA), is also actively engaged in enticing and persuading the TPLF led government of Ethiopia to become deeply involved in the internal affairs of Eritrea and its people.

This guy, who participated at the TPLF festival in the US and presented a paper on behalf of his group, has unashamedly invited the vicious historic enemies of Eritrea and its people (the Woyane rulers of Ethiopia) to invade Eritrea militarily with the ultimate aim of bringing about regime change. I will have more to say on this later.

  1. Mdre Bahri’s Stand on Foreign Intervention

The readers of Mdre-Bahri have already been informed that this website is absolutely opposed to the involvement of foreign forces, in any form (including under the pretext of “human-rights violations” or the “absence of democracy”) in the internal politics of Eritrea.

Similarly, Mdre-Bahri is uncompromisingly opposed to the Eritrean elements which advocate foreign involvement and meddling in the internal affairs of Eritrea. In other words, Mdre Bahri  advocates that democratic change – which does not endanger the sovereignty, unity and security of Eritrea and its people – must come through the sole and united efforts of all the exiled patriotic Eritrean political forces in close collaboration and coordination with the nationalist forces inside Eritrea.

If organised internal patriotic forces who strive for the democratic transformation of Eritrean society inside Eritrea are absent at present, we have no alternative but to create them. For Ethiopia under the tyrant Woyane rulers has never been and could never be a staging-point for Eritrean freedom fighters to bring democratic change to Eritrea. This is simply because the aspirations of Eritrean nationalist forces are diametrically opposed to the secret political project which the Woyane rulers of Ethiopia have devised for Eritrea. And Eritreans need not be geniuses to understand that this secret project is to erase Eritrea from the world map.

Mdre Bahri is thus adamantly and stringently opposed to all forms of foreign intervention in the internal affairs of Eritrea and its people because the involvement of foreign forces always exasperates and worsens the internal crisis in any given country to the point of no return.

What is more, once an invasion force lands in a given country and occupies vital and strategic points inside its sovereign territory, it is difficult, if not impossible, to extricate the invasion force. As the examples of other countries have proved, once foreign forces are involved, the conflict will drag on for an indefinite period. Indeed, what usually follows is immense suffering and the total destruction of the country concernedDo we want to create such a scenario in our country? The answer to this question can only be an emphatic no.

  1. More against the Advocates in Favour of Foreign Involvement

I have already criticised in passing the paper presented and read by Tedros Mengistu Wondefrash at the TPLF festival organised by hardcore members of the ruling Tigrian People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

Tedros is an active board member of the EYSC in North America and the paper he read at the festival was presented in the name of Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change (EYSC-NA).  The title was “Let Us Rebuild the Relationship of the Tigrian and Eritrean People for the Mutual Benefit (ዝምድና ህዝቢ ትግራይን ኤርትራን  ንናይ ሓባር ረብሓ፡ ዳግም ክሕደስ ኣለዎ ). It was presented in the form of an appeal letter directly addressed to the Tigrian rulers of Ethiopia. Here are some highlights of the questions he submitted:tedros-150x110

  1. Why is it that the Ethiopian government cannot or does not take concrete action against the Issayas regime when his regime is doing all it can to disrupt and destroy orderly political life in Ethiopia?
  2. Does taking proportional steps have limits or does it not?
  3. How long can we wait hoping that the Issayas regime will fall by its own dead weight?
  4. Aren’t the people of Tigray exposed to living under the dark political shadow (cloud) of the Issayas regime? 
  5. How long are you going to keep a guarded silence while the house of your neighbour is burning?

The above mentioned paper was also presented and read in the pal-talk room by a certain TPLF errand-boy nicknamed Amiche.

Amiche is a well-known anti-Eritrea crusader and the main TPLF operative at the Eritrean Smerr for Change Room One. Thus, judging from the contents of the paper Tedros presented to the TPLF festival in North America, he is a Woyane propagandist, one who is completely opposed to, and devoid of any spirit of, Eritrean nationalism.AMich2013

It seems to this writer that the title of the paper is deliberately phrased to mislead readers into thinking that its author has something important to say on matters related to repairing the damaged relationship of the people of Tigray and Eritrea. However, on closer inspection, nowhere does the author discuss matters related to the stalled relationship of Tigrians and Eritreans. In fact, he is foolhardily and desperately promoting capitulationist and unionist politics in the name of Eritreans on the one hand and showering unnerving eulogies and praises on the anti-democratic TPLF rulers of Ethiopia on the other.

The most disgusting aspect of the paper, which is unashamedly opposed to progressive and assertive Eritrean nationalism, is that its author shamelessly asks and begs the Tigrian rulers of Ethiopia to intervene militarily in the internal political affairs of Eritrea in order to effect regime change.  What is also most sickening is that the paper is written and presented by a senior member of an organisation which calls itself “Eritrean Youth for Social Change” (EYSC-NA), one which meaninglessly preaches “Eritrean Solutions for Eritrean Problems”.

  1. Concluding Remarks

It is important patriotic Eritreans realize that these various wannabe Eritrean groups, popping up from time to time to weaken Eritrea and pollute its past, are operating under various guises and pretensions and all have one thing in common: real hostility to independent Eritrea and its glorious past.

As such, they are fully prepared to collaborate with those who are out to harm Eritrea and its people. In short, like all mercenaries, the Woyane errand-boys simply do not want to see a free, prosperous and multi-ethnic Eritrea enjoying the long-term advantages of self-government.

It is important that genuine Eritrean political activists campaigning for justice and democratic change in Eritrea clearly understand that unlike us, they (the Woyane sent errand boys) are ferociously opposing the very idea of politically independent and sovereign Eritrea and not for the overthrow to the PFDJ led dictatorial government.

It is also important to recognize that fact that most of the paltalk rooms are infiltrated by Woyane-trained political cadres and are working day and night to disseminate fake ideas designed to create confusion and general hopelessness among the Eritrean population in the Diaspora in general and participants of the paltalk community in particular.

The political objective is to poison the minds of young Eritreans by inculcating submissive and capitulationist sentiments which push them to embrace perverted ideas such as the notion that, without the help of the Woyane rulers of Ethiopia, democratic change cannot be effectuated in Eritrea. Obviously, this is diametrically opposed to that radiant form of Eritrean nationalism which boldly and forcefully asserts that democratic change which serves the immediate and long term interest of the Eritrean people will come from within the nation through the sole efforts of patriotic Eritrean forces.

Thus, all the steps advocated by the collaborationist Eritreans who work for the likes of Tedros Mengistu Wondafrash and EYSC-NA have the aim of diverting young Eritreans from the path of Eritrean nationalism and inviting them to seek political shelter under the oppressive/chauvinist  and greater Tigrian nationalism. Obviously, those who call overtly for Ethiopian military intervention in Eritrea’s internal affairs are also those who are desperately collaborating with the enemy in the hope of ensnaring and obliterating Eritrean nationalism.

My fellow Eritrean brothers and sisters, you can be sure that what is being advocated by these dark forces will not happen as long as there are even tiny number of courageous and respectable Eritrean patriots who are ready to defend the sovereignty and national honor of Eritrea and its people.

Thus, in light of all the attempts to devalue Eritrean patriotism and the “we can do it ourselves” spirit of Eritrean nationalism, Eritrean nationalist forces must always be on the alert when dealing with those who are nationalists by day and Woyane collaborationist by night and recognize those who seem to wave Eritrean nationalist banners but in reality ferociously oppose the real essence of Eritrean nationalism at crucial moments of our history.

Consequently, in sharp opposition to the collaborationist teachings of some Eritrean groupings and as a matter of principle and practical necessity, Eritreans seeking justice and democracy should not collaborate with the dictatorial regime of a neighboring country oppressing its own people in the vain hope that it will help us to defeat an equally oppressive regime at home in Eritrea.

Finally, it is very important to remind Eritrean activist supporters of justice and democracy that our banners, slogans and daily activities must spring from, and reflect, the hard fact that, at this historical juncture, the Eritrean people have twin enemies, domestic and external.  The domestic enemies of Eritrea and its people are the PFDJ clique ruling Eritrea, while the vicious external enemies are the Woyane clique ruling Ethiopia and their Eritrean collaborators.

In other words, it is very important that political activists understand that collaborating with the enemies of Eritrea and its people will only prolong the suffering of the Eritrean people and endanger the existence of Eritrea as an independent political entity. It does not, and will not, contribute in any way to furthering the struggle of the Eritrean people for justice and democracy.

The fact of the matter is collaborating with the enemy of your enemy for short-term gain violates not only a great moral principle, but it also puts one on the wrong side of history. And it is obvious that a movement that stands on the wrong side of history can never be crowned with success.

The idle presence of the Eritrean opposition groups based in Ethiopia for the last 25 years is a living witness to the hard truth stated here.



  1. How to change the current political system in Eritrea into a system that works for all Eritreans falls under the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Eritrea. Because Woyane continues to violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Eritrea, it is enemy number one. Hence anyone who cooperates with Woyane is not the enemy of PFDJ. He or she is the enemy of Eritrea. Anyone who does not stand for the respect and territorial integrity of Eritrea should not speak on behalf of any Eritrean. If such stand is considered as supporting PFDJ, let it be. Because the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Eritrea is more important to Eritreans than Removing PFDJ from power. The latter is secondary.