The Chinese Corona-virus & The PFDJ [Eritrean] Political virus Flooding the world with Refugees!


At present, the outbreak of the infectious Chinese corona-virus has become of great concern to the world, so are the unacceptable level of refugees Eritrea is producing. Indeed, Eritrean refugees have sadly become unwelcome guests in Europe and elsewhere.

I am with the strong opinion that in order to deal with the problem, it is in the interests of humanity that the root causes of these twin problems are quickly eliminated in both countries. In China’s case, this is the virus that caused the infectious disease and in Eritrea’s case, it is the PFDJ political virus that is forcing young Eritreans to flee the country in their thousands and are flooding to Western Europe and other far corners of the world.

But how is the world reacting to both occurrences?

I sense the world is reacting quickly and effectively -and rightly so-to the corona-virus threat coming from China, but the world seems happy to keep a guarded silence on the human tragedy unfolding in Eritrea.

Thus, to say the least, the world needs to pay attention to the plight and ongoing immense suffering of the Eritrean people under the joke of the fascist PFDJ gang ruler and his partners in crime.

Long live solidarity!

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis