The Phone Call Supposedly Made by Susan Rice to the Office of the Eritrean Dictator!


The Contents of the Telephone Conversation of Susan Rice with the Secretary of the Eritrean Dictator.

During the Clinton administration, Susan Rice was serving as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs from October 14, 1997 -January 20, 2001. In her capacity as Assistant Secretary, she supposedly made a phone call to Eritrea asking to speak to the Eritrean dictator, Isaias Afewerki, and as could be expected here’s what happened…

PIA Secretary: Good morning, President Isaias’ office, how may I help you?

Susan Rice: Yes, I’d like to speak to President Isaias.

PIA Secretary: May I ask who’s calling?

Susan Rice: This is Susan Rice

PIA Secretary: And who are you with, or what’s the purpose of this call?

Susan Rice: Don’t you know who I am?

PIA Secretary: I’m afraid not.

Susan Rice: I’m calling from the United States government

PIA Secretary: State your position, please.

Susan Rice: I can’t believe you don’t know who I am!! Well, I’m the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs

PIA Secretary: Ok, please stay on the line while I transfer your call to your counterpart at the Eritrean government. Thank you!

Susan Rice: NO! I demand to speak to the President!!

PIA Secretary: Sorry, madam, Presidents only talk to Presidents. You’re not the US President. If you don’t feel like talking to your Eritrean counterpart, please have your President Clinton call President Isaias. Thank you!

Susan Rice: But I am Susan Rice!

PIA Secretary: So? 

Susan Rice: So… I can make you or break you!

PIA Secretary: Madam Rice, with all due respect, please note that threats don’t work well on Eritreans. Try it somewhere else.

Susan Rice: I can’t believe I’m talking to a freaking secretary!

PIA Secretary: I can believe I’m talking to a low-level US official either.

Susan Rice: Why are you Eritreans so hard-headed? Don’t you respect power?

PIA Secretary: Here in Eritrea power lies in the hands of the people. We don’t have technocrats like you.

Susan Rice: In my entire life I have never felt disrespected like I did today!

PIA Secretary: If you want respect, you have to learn to give it too!