The Crimes Committed by the Treacherous And Impostor Isaias Afewerki Against Eritrea and Its People!!


By Tewelde Gebremariam*

The treacherous impostor Isaias Afewerk’s long journey has reached the crescendo. If we do not immediately rise up and pre-empt him, the Legacy of our Martyrs will very soon evaporate into the thin air. As I have been constantly warning for the last seven years, it was towards this situation that we are witnessing right now that treacherous and impostor Isaias Afewerk have been mercilessly and wantonly murdering Eritrean elites since he joined ELF in 1966; purposely demobilized every one of the members of the famous EPLF Security Apparatus, including its long time leader, and restarted it with brand new members under Abraha Kasa of tigrai descent; illegally and unnecessarily ignited the 1998 war with Ethiopia under the false pretext of woyane invasion. But when the USA- Rwanda asked each country to withdraw its army to the places they were before the war, the impostor retorted, where we can go from our land. He meant Badme, the land he had given to woyane in 1985. By that time, woyane had already scraped every semblance of being Eritrean land by repopulated it with tegaru after evicting every Eritreans by force. In fact, the impostor did not allow the Eritrean population in Badme to take part in the 1993 National Referendum. Technically, the Eritrean Army was within ERITREAN territory when USA-Rwanda requested a pull out, and the Eritrean Ethiopian Claim Commission was wrong as well when it decided Eritrea started the war. The culprit for all that legal mess as well as all that followed subsequently was/is isaias afewerk who did it to realize his Chicken Dream of Abai Tigrai.

Just before the woyane offensive, purposely assuming complete control of conduct of the war, he allowed Ethiopian troops to sneak deep into Eritrean territory and exposed Eritrean Defence Forces to be attacked from the rearguard. And to make sure that the woyane army inflicted maximum damage on our troops and people , he purposely passed conflicting sets of withdrawal orders that forced our troops to withdraw in chaos and disarray, which led to complete ransacking of Gash Barka– the bread basket of Eritrea,–by woyane army and the displacement of over one million Eritreans to the Sudan.

Even after the War was over and peace treaty was signed under the auspices of the UN and other major nations, the impostor isaias afewerk did not opt for peace in Eritrea by conducting National election implementing the long awaited and delayed ratified Constitution. Rather he sprinted to incarcerate veteran EPLFs, closed down all independent media, shovelled the constitution in his drawer, which eventually declared it dead, and finally surrounding himself with bunch of people of his types, tigrai descent, he immersed Eritrea under Reign of Terror.

The often repeated rational of his Reign of terror has been that woyane refused to vacate Eritrean Territory. But this rational does not hold water for many reasons. First and foremost, as aforementioned, it was he himself that handed over Badme to woyane in 1985.

Secondly, it was he himself that helped woyane overrun Gash Barka. In fact, if his orders had been carried out at Asseb Front, our beloved Port of Asseb would have fallen to woyane army. Thanks God, the Asseb Front Eritrean Defence Forces woke up and foiled his conspiracy, rejected his withdrawal order and saved our beloved Port of Asseb.

Thirdly, under the false guise of developing the land, he was constantly bickering with the UN Secretary and members of the UNSC to remove the Peace Keepers from Eritrea. The Peace Keepers were relocated to Ethiopia, but did he develop the land after they left? No. The real reason behind his bickering was to avoid border demarcation and commit his genocidal crimes on the people of Eritrea and got away with it. It was also for this reason that he ordered all NGOs to leave Eritrea and that he disallowed any foreign embassy members to go outside Asmara periphery.

My Fellow Eritreans

Our homeland has never been under any serious predicament as it is facing today. If we do not rise up as one people, pre-empt and foil the impostor isaias afewerk, we are doomed forever. There is no tomorrow, only today, fast dwindling at that. Let us dismantle all the mini organizations and build one, strong and solid organization and foil the impostor. Do not be fooled by the sweat mouth of the prime Minster of Ethiopia. He is woyane under sheep skin. Do not buy into the mantra of woyane is in turmoil. It is all Stoop to Conquer. Save your country, Sovereignty, legacy, tradition, and culture today!!!

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