The Criminal and Unhinged Eritrean Dictator has let down Eritrea and its people!!

Editorial Comment


By Mdre Bahri, London, October 8, 2015

Eritrea has endured humiliating suffering for the past 26 years under its EPLF/PFDJ one-Party rule – a party which rigidly controls and runs the political and economic life of a multi-ethnic, multicultural, and multilingual society. To be sure, the EPLF/PFDJ is an organisation founded and moulded in its entirety in the image of one man – Issaias Afework and organisationally structured to promote and defend his immediate and long-term personal political agenda. In order to accomplish these wild political ambitions the EPLF has, throughout its troubled history, achieved and maintained its internal stability and survival by silencing or eliminating thousands of nationalist and democratic thinking Eritreans that have surfaced within its ranks.

Moreover, the wicked EPLF/PFDJ dictator has also been the one issuing orders for the selective and illegal murders of the many vocal members of the rival Eritrean nationalist organisations resolutely opposed to the EPLF’s domineering and anti-democratic policies and practices. Thus, there are no democrats left today (within the EPLF/PFDJ) to oppose the anti-democratic and anti-national policies and practices of the self-appointed Government of Eritrea.

Issaias Afeworki, having thus successfully eliminated all those he perceived to be his actual and potential political rivals, is running Eritrea today just as if Eritrea was his fiefdom, unrestrained by any laws or civilized norms – that is just as he wishes.

The unhinged Eritrean dictator has consciously transformed Eritrea into vast prison and the country’s prison population is estimated at present to be around 20,000 people who are jailed in dark underground dungeons in deplorable conditions. Sadly indeed, all the remarkable men and women – Eritrean heroes of the Eritrean liberation war era – are now languishing in prisons without any hope of being released for as long as the ruthless Eritrean dictator is alive and well and in power. It is not therefore an exaggeration to say that under the tyrannical one-man rule, the Eritrean people have become, in their entirety, politically irrelevant in today’s Eritrea. Likewise, it is also not an exaggeration to say that the Eritrean people have become a sort of “endangered species” under the unhinged brutal dictatorship of one-man!

Thus, enough is enough, this criminal and monster dictator must go now and every means is legitimate to remove him from power. It is thus high time now for the Eritrean people to rise-up in their millions and protest to save their country!

The oppressed Eritrean people will be victorious!!

Down with the Dictator!!