The Day of Reckoning is approaching in Eritrea because the oppressed Eritrean people are no-longer prepared to tolerate Issayas Afeworki’s fascistic rule!


By Tewolde Gebremariam

The impostors` house of cards is finally crumbling. The stage we are in is where according to Aristotle… The oppressors know that they cannot rule anymore and therefore are ready to flee at a slight provocation, and the subjects also know the power has shifted to their side and therefore are just waiting for the right time to strike.

The evidences for the shift of power are many, some of which are the following:

  1. Standing tall in his church at Segeneiti, the courageous Aba Teclenkiel Tewelde confronted the impostors…..” We have not been waiting for twenty years for white flours and cements from tigrai but for the Demarcation of our border”. He added…We, the Eritrean people do not wait for alms and left over’s from anybody let alone from tigrai, and that our patience must not be misconstrued as cowardice, and he called on the Eritrean people to rise for their right.
  2. Fully aware of their fast eclipsing fate, instead of the usual lying crews, the impostors have sent priests to their angry Diaspora supporters to cool them down but of course in vain. As soon as the poor priests started regurgitating what the impostors ordered them to say, such as the price of taf, wheat etc. have gone down, the incarcerated Eritrean Patriarch Abune Antonios was convicted of violating the Church`s law etc., the congregations reacted furiously and very quickly the situation broke down into shouting against each other. It was the intervention of the Police that prevented the situation from escalating into a fist fight.
  3. Many of their supporters are joining justice seekers in ever increasing number.