The Downing of the Russian Fighter is an Inexcusable Criminal Act and a Crude Violation of International Law!


Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis, November 28, 2015

Editorial Commentary


On Monday, November 23, 2015, a Russian Sukhoi Su-24 warplane, while on a mission to destroy an ISIS terrorist hideout, was directly hit without any prior warning while on sovereign Syrian air space by a missile fired Fired from a Syrian air space by a Turkish American-supplied fighter jets, and burst into flames before smashing to the ground. The two Russian pilots ejected from the plane, but unfortunately, only one of the pilots is alive and out of danger. The other pilot was gunned down by ISIS terrorists and was  killed while in the air.

I believe that the unprovoked and irresponsible Turkish military response which led to the downing of the Russian fighter aircraft is an inexcusable criminal act and a crude violation of international law. What’s more, this is a very serious incident committed by a NATO member country against Russia – a country which already and rightly feels encircled by the US army and NATO countries. Thus, unless the matter is wisely and carefully handled, it could ignite a wider continental war – one which could eventually engulf the entire world. Who would want a war which could terminate life on Earth, apart from some crazy and irresponsible politicians?

I believe that without having got the green light and encouragement from the United States government and its NATO allies, the Turkish government would not have dared to attack a Russian war plane while it was on an assignment to destroy the common enemies of mankind: ISIS. It is a great shame that this unfortunate incident has happened to Russia under the wonderful and able political leadership of Vladimir Putin – a man who has mobilised the Russian air force and navy to rid the world of the scourge of violent terrorism.

Thus, considering the fact that Vladimir Putin has handled carefully and skilfully the continuing crisis and provocations from Ukraine’s rulers, and now the criminal downing of the Russian war plane using ground-to-air missiles fired from the Turkish fighter jets and other similar hot-spots in the region and elsewhere, he has proved beyond any reasonable doubt that he is a great statesman, produced by post-communist Russia to lead it in the 21st century. It is thus in the west’s immediate and long-term interests to deal with Russia and its dignified leader with the utmost respect. With this done, I believe the world we all live in today will be much safer for us to engage in mutually beneficial trade and other relationships in.

In the meantime, Turkey is well advised not only to apologise sincerely and openly to Russia, but she should also cease and desist immediately all interferences and interventions directly or directly in the internal affairs of Syria and fully respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria under the political leadership of Bashar Al Assad. What is more, in future, Turkey should be very careful not to kindle a fire that she cannot put out.