The Eritrean Brutal Fascist Dictator has no legs to stand on!!


The mercenary and fascist Eritrean dictator with the Egyptian military dictator during his recent visit to Cairo.

An extract from an Article on Tgray OnLine


If Ethiopia is attacked by Egypt from Eritrean soil with the connivance of the Eritrean fascist dictator, let the Ethiopian people know that the oppressed Eritrean people in their millions and their defence forces will stand firmly with the Ethiopian people.

Drs Tsegezab Gebregergis


Egypt due to its location in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea has huge leverage in world events. The Egyptians are masters of manipulation and they have used their influence to stop the GERD, but they failed miserably. Now Egypt is running out of time and out of tricks that is the reason it pulled one of its last cards to pressure Ethiopia, deploying its armed forces in Eritrea.

Egypt knows the Eritrean dictator has no legs to stand any more. Isaias Afwerki lost the will of the people to fight to keep him in power. He knows the game is over if a fresh conflict erupted with Ethiopia, the Eritrean people and defence forces will turn against him. As a last resort he brought the Egyptian forces to the main land of Eritrea despite the risks.

The bottom line is Isaias and his cronies are risking not only the safety and security of the Eritrean people, but also the nation’s existence as it is today and that is a tragedy for the whole region.