The Eritrean Dictator & Colonel Abiy Ahmed Ali are the twin sworn Enemies of Eritrea and its People!!


By Tewelde Gebremariam

Erena is reporting that the impostor isaias afewerk has issued an order to keep the plight of the aka national service, which is reality Eritrean Youth Concentration camp, for another four years, that many females are deserting in greater numbers to their families to escape unbridled rape by their military officers and that they are being threatened to return lest their families will have to pay the hefty price in prison.

Again the impostor is as usual concealing his real agenda for retaining the Young Eritreans in Concentration Camps for another four years under the false guise of reviving the shattered economy of the country which he purposely and systematically decimated of the twenty seven years he has been terrorizing the country and people.

Simultaneously, the Ethiopian government has issued a new policy that welcomes any refugee residing in Ethiopia to apply for citizenship, move anywhere in Ethiopia, apply for work; go to school in Ethiopia etc.

Needless to say, this new refugee policy of Ethiopia, coupled with the delay of Eritrean Ethiopian border demarcation, the procrastination of the impostor to handover political power to the Eritrean people, his order to retain the Eritrean Youth in concentration Camps for another four years etc. etc. are all Pull and Push factors designed by the impostor and Ethiopia to deplete Eritrea of its people.

Anyway, their evil scheme is not new but a rehash of what haile selase had tried but ended up costing him his life and his dynasty for good, and on whose ashes the Eritrean independence and Sovereignty was born.

Remember, the first step haile selase took was impoverish the Eritrean people by, among others, dismantling every economic infrastructure the Italian fascists left behind and pulled Eritreans to Ethiopia where his western masters provided them with ready-made jobs but of course in vain.

My Eritrean Patriots,

As a result of our complacency to the extent of trusting and sleeping with our treacherous enemies— the impostor isaias afewerk and woyane—- we are back to square one, reliving our past agony, the agony we overcame by defeating Ethiopia and its serial surrogate superpowers. Our sworn enemies—-the impostor isaias afewerk and his fellow tegaru cabals, woyane and the current Ethiopian prime minister of Ethiopia with their Western masters, under deceptive sugar coated poison of slogan —- “Love and Brotherhood Among the People of Horn of Africa”—–, have jointly crafted and unleashed all sweeping and overarching strategy to methodically and in a piecemeal fashion dismantle Eritrean Sovereignty and incorporate our country back to Ethiopia. No Eritrean should be hoodwinked by these swindlers.

Since 2011, after my visit to our home land and saw firsthand the devastated situation of our people and country, I have been warning that isaias afewerk is an impostor and that he is woyane within; that the 1998 war was a premeditated war crafted and executed by isaias afewerk and meles; that isaias afewerk handed over Badme to woyane in 1985 to serve as a pretext for the 1998 war; that isaias afewerk purposely allowed woyane forces to enter deep into Eritrean territory in Gash Barka and exposed Eritrean Forces to be simultaneously attacked from their front and rear positions with devastating consequences.

Unfortunately, my warning fell on deaf ears of the so called Eritrean” opposition” and supporters of the impostor. To date, even after so many evidences on the ground have confirmed my assertion that woyane and Isaias are two faces of the same coin, both of these Eritrean groups have continued their usual misguided old habit of thought that woyane and the impostor isaias afewerk are mortal enemies. As they, Old Dog cannot Learn New Tricks.