The Eritrean Fascist Dictator has never had any Eritrean Interest at Heart!!


A Comment by HdriswuE Halalmariet

Lifting sanction on Eritrea is another blow to the mole, isaias afewerk and his jackals’ hideouts. But although his old gimmicks are all taken away one by one, we must not entertain a false notion that he won’t invent others.

For him giving up power means dying in jail or burned at a stake because he knows the Genocidal crime he has committed with impunity is too monstrous for Eritrean people to forgive him.

Obviously, his citadel of support has been crumbling fast since he exposed himself in Ethiopia in the aftermath of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia’s acceptance of the EEBC decision without ifs and butts. And his latest interview has shattered and dashed the hope of any of those supporters who have been   holding out their breath for him.

My Genuine Eritreans,

We must not expect easy ride on our struggle to resurrect our country from the treacherous isaias afewerk. Although he has lost credibility from nearly every Eritrean and thus he is looking  a sitting duck from our perspective, he has  a well armed woyane watching his back at the local level and the powerful foreign countries at international level.

There is a reason why treacherous isaias afewerk , after seventeen years of swaggering that he would not talk with woyane unless it vacates Eritrean territory, is now down playing it and instead promoting stability of Ethiopia as priority over Eritrean interest.

It is because he has never had any Eritrean interest at heart. As a matter of fact, the agony Eritrea has been going through since 1998 was the result of his deliberate application of his evil design of systematically building negative factors that will in the end portray the country as
1. Economically unviable,
2. People incompatible to build a Nation
3. Red Sea Security demands to be under powerful nation

How do we foil him and resurrect our country?
1.  Build Unity by relegating secondary issues to the back burner
2. Declare the 1997 ratified Constitution as a National Constitution
3. Declare Eritrea is Unitary State
4, disband all other political organizations
5. Admit isaias afewerk and woyane are one and the same and that our association with either of them by either of us was wrong and that mistake was the one that lent support the impostor to do what he has done to our country and people.
6. Leadership be based on merit alone
7. Political parties must be based on political programs and not on ethnic, religious etc