The Eritrean fascist dictator is poised to commit genocide unless there is a people’s uprising in Eritrea to stop him!


Is Assassinating The Eritrean Fascist Dictator an Option?



October 15, 2017

By Drs Tsegezab Gebregergis

Some revisionist historians suggest that, if Adolf Hitler had been assassinated before Kristallnacht (also known as the Night of Broken Glass) in November 1938, the world would have been saved from the horrors of the Second World War and the fate of Germany and the direction of world history would have been totally different.

There were more than a dozen failed attempts to assassinate Hitler by people who rightly believed that his regime was about to start a destructive war that would engulf the entire world – one that would bring financial ruin, political isolation, and shame to Germany and its people. They failed but nevertheless a heroic attempt was made by some far-sighted and brave Germans to save their country and its people.

Likewise, considering the fact the Eritrean crisis under the fascistic PFDJ rule has now reached saturation level, there are some concerned Eritreans who suggest that, if Issayas Afeworki had been assassinated straight after the courageous Haile Woldetensae (Durue) (the then Eritrean Foreign Minister) delivered his damning speech at the Eritrean Festival in 1999 in Frankfurt, Eritrea would have been saved from the serious threat of disintegration now hovering over its head.

What is more, they say, the needless and immense suffering of the Eritrean people and the painful and perilous flight of its youth in their thousands, crossing the Libyan/Sinai desert and the Mediterranean Sea to reach the shores of Europe, would also have been avoided. Consequently, Eritrea would have been at peace today with itself and with its neighbours.

So far, unlike the Germans who did their utmost to stop Hitler, we Eritreans have miserably failed to stop the Eritrean Hitler from ruining and burying our country and its people alive.

Is it now too late to take drastic action to save our country and its people?

In a way, is assassinating the Eritrean fascist dictator still a viable option?

As far as Mdrebahri is concerned, irrespective of whether assassinating a fascist dictator bent on destroying our country is termed a criminal offense or a justifiable heroic act, surely the Eritrean people have the legitimate right to stop and remove the Eritrean fascist dictator by every means at their disposal.

If we do not act now, history and the Eritrean people will not be kind to our inaction.